Financial transactions on the internet should
always be safe and comfortable.

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The safest and most popular payment methods on the internet

For a pleasant online shopping experience, it is important that customers feel that they are in good hands on a website. Particularly when it comes to payment, security is the be-all and end-all. Customers want to transfer their money securely without the payment data being passed on to unauthorized persons.

Online retailers benefit from enabling secure and convenient payment. If all goes well, customers are more likely to buy again from this store than if they have issues or security concerns while checking out.
The security of the chosen payment method is a crucial criterion not only for online shopping on the Internet, but also for other online activities that require financial transactions.

What other popular online payment methods are there?


PayPal: One of the most popular payment service providers the Internet is the market leader PayPal. It offers one of the most popular forms of online payment and is accepted in a wide range of shops. Security is also the top priority here and sensitive information is not passed on to the sellers. This is why the provider enjoys an extremely good reputation among Internet users. PayPal is a trustworthy address, especially in the area of ​​deposits and withdrawals, which also helps providers to be more serious. So is for example PayPal in sports betting one of the most popular options as the money transfer via the platform works smoothly and securely. Paying out winnings is also uncomplicated with this provider.

Credit card: Paying online by credit card is convenient and uncomplicated. For customers to have a good feeling, it is important to be able to transmit the data protected and, in the best case, encrypted. The payment itself is simple: Type the data from the card, transmit it and you're done. How the money then gets to the credit card provider is no longer a matter for the online retailer, but has been determined by the credit card provider and the customer.

Online financial transactions should always be safe and convenient

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Bill: The order on account is in particular convenient for customers, it carries risks for traders. When ordering on account, customers can first receive and check the goods before paying. Merchants only receive their money with a delay and, in the worst case, have to expect payment defaults.

Instant bank transfer: When paying by instant transfer, the retailer receives an immediate confirmation of the receipt of payment after the transfer of the customer. This is convenient, but customers have to share the online PIN of their bank account, which, according to the provider, happens in a protected manner and is protected by data protection law. The company "Sofortüberweisung" has been part of Klarna since 2014.

Klarna: Klarna is a popular online payment processor among merchants. Klarna takes over the demands of the retailers and enables customers to make installment payments or a payment on account. In particular, the option to pay in installments makes Klarna attractive to customers. For traders, the transfer of the Payment processing to Klarna a protection against payment default. Klarna guarantees payment to the merchant, even if the customer does not comply with the payment request. Klarna also takes on legal disputes about payment defaults - the dealers are fine and pay a certain fee to Klarna.

Stripe: Stripe comes from the USA and is still in its infancy on the German market. It offers merchants the integration of a payment system into the online shop, with which both payments can be made and deposits can be accepted and managed. For customers, Stripe is just as convenient as PayPal and also offers a comprehensive service that provides support in the event of problems.

Paysafe card: With Paysafecard, customers can pay anonymously by getting a prepaid code from a retailer in their area (for example in supermarkets, petrol stations or post offices) and then entering it during the online payment process. So customers need for their online transaction neither a bank account another credit card, another account with a payment service such as PayPal or Stripe. The advantages are apparent:

  • Payment is anonymous
  • It is low-risk for the merchant because the prepaid code has already been paid for
  • Payment is secure for the customer as he does not have to share any sensitive data

Paysafecard is only less suitable for spontaneous purchase decisions, as the corresponding code has to be purchased in advance.


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