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Internet Explorer 11 is available as a preview for Win7

IE download

Internet Explorer 11 is not only available for Windows 8, but now also for Windows 7. The new Internet Explorer brings a lot of small changes, but mainly the IE11 is supposed to achieve significantly more speed when surfing. If you don't like the new IE 11, you can easily undo the installation. So nothing really stands in the way of a test.

Download Internet Explorer 10 Preview

The new Internet Explorer comes in a 32- and 64-bit version, which no longer differ much in terms of speed. IE 10 requires Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. Windows XP and Vista get nothing.


The freeware browser Lunascape combines Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome under one roof.

Download Firefox 3.6.16

Old isn't always bad. The new Firefox 4 still has its problems with online banking and websites with certificates. Therefore you need the old version on the computer for the transition period.

Internet Explorer 9RC

The new Internet Explorer 9 is about to be released. A lot has changed in Internet Explorer 9 in terms of speed, interface and functions.

MSN Messenger Plus! Live with many useful functions

Messenger Plus! Live expands Windows Live Messenger very many useful Functions.

The freeware program is already installed on millions of computers. Password protection is a very good addition. So you can leave the PC calmly and no one else can read the conversation.

Skype 4.2 for Windows

Skype is free VoIP software with instant messaging, file transfer and video calling.


FileZilla is a modern and powerful FTP program for Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems.

TCP Optimizer

TCP Optimizer is a free tool for tuning and optimizing the Internet connection.