Data backup, burning programs and other applications that facilitate the management and backup of data.

Save synchronization work with Dropbox

Cloud services are trendy. The Dropbox manufacturer is one of the first to understand how users want to use a cloud service. All files are available quickly, easily and on every computer, regardless of the operating system.

EditPad Lite slim text editor with plenty of functions

If you are looking for an alternative to Windows Notepad or Notepad ++, which is already too powerful for some, you could take a look at EditPad Lite. The rather slim and versatile text editor for Windows has a lot to offer and is free for private use (non-commercial use).

Comodo Backup professional data backup for the home

The software company Comodo offers a number of security software products. One is the free Comodo Backup in the fourth version and makes a good impression. Nowadays such a backup tool is part of every computer.

Areca Backup data protection made easy

The free data backup program Areca Backup backs up data and folders on different media. The backup can be stored on USB drives, in the network or even on an FTP server.

Genie Timeline Free 2.1 Backup for Windows

It is also possible to simply create a backup under Windows. The simple program Genie Timeline Free 2.1 is specially programmed for normal users. The Genie Timeline is set up in just a few steps.

PhraseExpress - use text modules sensibly

PhraseExpress makes text modules available system-wide in all Windows programs, e.g. MS Office, OpenOffice, Lotus Notes, SAP, Thunderbird, database frontends, Skype, ICQ, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

SmartTools AutoBackup for Word

The free AutoBackup for Word is very well thought out and helps you if a Word file has accidentally been deleted. This is arguably one of the worst cases that can happen to you while working with Word.

Recover deleted files from hard drive using Recuva

The small freeware tool Recuva recovers deleted photos, audios, Word or Excel documents. Recuva is child's play to use and there is a program wizard for those who prefer to be guided through the program.

Notepad2 quick and easy text editor

The free Notepad2 is small and clear. With its extensive syntax highlighting support for ASP, Assembler, BAT, C #, C / C ++, CSS, CSS, DIFF., INF, INI, Java, JavaScript, NSIS, Pascal, Perl / CGI, PHP, Python, REG, SQL, VB, VBScript, XML and HTML have many uses.

DiffDaff - Compare files

DiffDaff is a free tool that enables a direct comparison between two files, directories or even web pages.

SyncToy - synchronize data

SyncToy is a free tool for the automatic synchronization of files, folders and computers. The application offers a pleasantly tidy surface.

Synchronize SimpleSYN - Outlook

SimpleSYN is the synchronization solution to Microsoft Outlook on multiple computers fully automatic to synchronize. Outlook synchronization takes place over the network or, in the business version, worldwide over the Internet.
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PDF24 Creator create and edit pdf

The Portable Document Format (PDF) from Adobe is a format for exchanging documents.
PDF24 works with all Windows programs and does a lot: creating PDF files from all applications, sorting, merging, columns, password protection, support for other output formats and much more.

TestDisk + PhotoRec data recovery

TestDisk is THE tool for restoring lost partitions.
Photorec is data recovery software designed to recover lost files including video, documents, archives from hard drives, CD-ROM and lost pictures (photo recovery) from digital storage for cameras.

Securely delete eraser files

If you want to be sure that files have been permanently deleted, you should use Eraser. The free freeware program offers many useful additional settings.

PureSync data backup and synchronization

The freeware synchronizes files and folders, creates automatic backups on the hard drive or external data carriers and loads photos from the digital camera onto the PC.

TrueCrypt - securely encrypt USB drives and data

With the free encryption software TrueCrypt  drives can be encrypted unbreakable. This is particularly useful for notebooks, netbooks, but also USB drives, because the data remains secure and confidential even if it is lost.

7 - Zip with high compression

The very good free zip program 7-Zip compresses approx. 20% better than other file packers. So 7-Zip is one of those who can compress data very heavily.


Create a document from other applications using the Windows printer driver with eDocPrintPro.

PDF blender

Merge multiple PDF files into one PDF file quickly and easily.


Ghostscript creates PDF or PostScript files for free, so many programs use Ghostscript, the command line-based program.


You-it! 4.0: A practical writing aid for
File and directory lists