Comodo Backup professional data backup for the home

The software company Comodo offers a number of security software products. One is the free Comodo Backup in the fourth version and makes a good impression. Nowadays such a backup tool is part of every computer.

There is almost nothing worse than losing all of your data such as photos, forms and letters. Therefore it is important to choose a different storage location than the hard disk of the computer. The storage location is at "Comodo backup"Freely selectable, whether network hard drive, DVD, CD, ISO, ZIP file or online on an FTP server. Comondo even provides 5 GB of online storage free of charge.

Comodo Backup professional data backup for the home

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Backup anywhere

Network drive, external drive, FTP, DVD / CD, ISO, zip, online storage - you name it, Comodo Backup can copy to it

Smart Profiles

Comodo Backup will find and categorize all your music, videos, photos and mail so you can immediately start copying what's important to you

Incrementals and differentials

Comodo Backup gives you the flexibility to run any combination of full, incremental, differential and synchronized backup types.

Free online storage space

Each user gets 5 GB of highly secure, online storage which you can access from anywhere and sync between computers

Online drive

Play music, watch movies and edit documents directly from storage as you would a local disk. You don't have to download the file first and any changes you make will be synchronized with your local copy.

Command line & scripting

Advanced users can create script files for backup, restore, mount and synchronize operations.


Our powerful synchronization feature keeps your data set consistent across your computers, laptops and online storage

Volume shadow copy compatibility

To ensure data consistency we integrated Volume Shadow Copy technology, which allows files in use to be copied.

Versatile scheduling options

You control the exact date and time that your backup should run (even if it's the middle of the night)

Windows integration

Comodo BackUp seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer so that you can just select the folders or files you want to back up, right click on them and quick start the backup wizard.

Encryption & Compression

Choose from a wide range of compression and encryption algorithms to keep your data secure while reducing it's size to a minimum

Mountable backup

Mount your backup as a virtual disk so you can explore and change it's content as per your needs

Instant feedback

Comments? suggestions? Comodo Backup has a built-in feedback utility so you can submit your thoughts without leaving the interface.

Chat to a live support technician at any time

Each Backup user gets GeekBuddy free for 60 days - even our free customers. It's like having your own computer expert by your side, 24/7

Streamlined & Task Orientated

Our software interface doesn't just look good - it's the result of thousands of hours of usability testing to make sure you accomplish what you want, fast!

Effortless setup and management

Start copying files minutes after installation. Once underground, the software will silently copy files in the background without interruption. If you delayed creating a backup in the past because you thought it would be complicated then Comodo Backup is the software for you.

For the freeware version "Comodo backup”Comodo requests a free registration for a period of 30 days.

Hardware requirement:

> Intel Pentium II 233Mhz or better
> 128 MB RAM
> 23MB free hard drive space

As an alternative there is the software: Areca Backup data protection made easy


Comodo backup
version License Author System Purchase price filesize
4 Freeware comodo Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2 /
Server 2008 / 2003
- 33,8 MB
32 bit and 64 bit

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