Save synchronization work with Dropbox

Cloud services are trendy. The Dropbox manufacturer is one of the first to understand how users want to use a cloud service. All files are available quickly, easily and on every computer, regardless of the operating system.

All you need to install the free Dropbox tool is a name, email address and password. Dropbox integrates into Windows as if it were a system folder such as Pictures or Downloads. The advantage of this is that it can be found quickly and easily as a storage location.


You can create your own folders in the Dropbox and thus create your own structures. If you now save a file in the Dropbox, it will be encrypted and synchronized with the online storage, which is 2 GB in the free version. Since Dropbox is optimized for synchronization, only data that has changed is synchronized.

Dropbox also offers web access, here you can manage your own files like with the installed software. Files cannot be made available to Dropbox users via download links.

Dropbox helps you organize your files conveniently and easily.

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Version License Author System Purchase price filesize
1.4.3 Freeware dropbox

Windows 7 / Vista / XP

- 17,2 MB Win
20,7 MB Mac

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