Internet Explorer 11 is available as a preview for Win7

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Internet Explorer 11 is not only available for Windows 8, but now also for Windows 7. The new Internet Explorer brings a lot of small changes, but mainly the IE11 is supposed to achieve significantly more speed when surfing. If you don't like the new IE 11, you can easily undo the installation. So nothing really stands in the way of a test.

Download Internet Explorer 11

If you want to test IE 11 you have to select the language and the correct system type on the download page. There is a choice between a 32-bit or 64-bit system.

For 64-bit:


For 32-bit:



In terms of appearance, almost nothing has changed compared to Internet Explorer 10. Most of the changes can be found under the hood in the ChangeLog.

My first test was positive, but feel free to test yourself and make your own experiences. The performance is achieved through targeted loading of the essential content. Only when all important content has been loaded will the remaining content be processed. In addition, the IE 11 can process images entirely via a graphics unit (GPU). Furthermore, Microsoft claims that the new IE 11 is the first browser that can also render text in a GPU.


If you don't want to use Internet Explorer 11 any more, you can undo the installation as follows.

Start button> All Programs> Windows Update> in a new window on Installed Updates> select IE 11 with the right mouse button> Uninstall


Internet Explorer 11
version License Author System Purchase price filesize
11 Freeware Microsoft Windows 7 / Server 2008 - 63 MB
32 bit and 64 bit

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