Manage screen backgrounds in multi-monitor mode

What the operating system cannot do can be achieved with the Freeware DisplayFusion.
DisplayFusion makes it possible to change screen backgrounds quickly and easily, even when using two monitors.

With dual monitor operation, widescreen image backgrounds can be stretched across both monitors.

displayfusion_1_small The Flickr picture service can also be used to automatically set up your own or someone else's pictures as a background.
In order to be able to use DisplayFusion you do not have to have at least two monitors, the freeware can also be used with one monitor.

Installation is straightforward and quick.
If DisplayFusion is loaded automatically when Windows starts, a right-click on the small monitor symbol in the systray is sufficient to start the program or to change the program settings.

For Windows XP the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 (x86) is required.
DisplayFusion is available in 25 languages, German is already integrated along with others, others can be downloaded from the DisplayFusion website if required.

DisplayFusion is also available as a Pro version, which supports even more options.

DisplayFusion includes an update function so that the program can always be kept up to date.

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DisplayFusion - manage screen backgrounds in multi-monitor mode


Version License Author System Purchase price filesize
v3.2.0 Freeware displayfusion.com

Windows 7 (x86, x64)
Windows Vista (x86, x64)
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows Server
2003 & 2008 (x86, x64)

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