Windows 10 continues to increase market share in May 2018

Windows 10 on the rise and becoming more popular

At the beginning of each month it is always worth taking a look at the market shares of the operating systems, but the reporting is usually not worthwhile, but now something has happened. Windows 7 gives up market share, how much? Just read on ...


The recently released Windows 10 April Update certainly helped make Windows 10 even more popular. Microsoft is sure to be satisfied ;-)

To  Windows 7 lost 1,78% market share. Even so, Windows 7 still has a 41,79% market share and is still at the top worldwide.


Windows 10 on the rise

The trend towards Windows 10 is becoming clearer, however, and Microsoft does not need to fear any user migration to other OS systems for the time being. Because Windows 10 was able to increase its market share to 34,74%. That means an increase of 0,93%. 

Now you could make predictions, but as history shows everything turns out differently anyway ;-) 

But one thing can certainly be said. Windows 10 is on the rise and is always popular!


ck, 21.05.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX

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