Excel 2010: Insert graphic in header

Icon_Excel10_33x32Excel 2010 offers one with the insertion of a Head- and footer almost the same Layout options as well as Word 2010. In order to use them correctly and with one if you like Graphic there are a few things you should pay attention to.


Insert header and footer

First it can be seen over the tab Insert and the button Header and footer im Ribbon create a header.


As soon as you move the mouse over this area, you notice that the header is in three Areas is divided.


As soon as you get one of these three Clicks on areas, Excel uses the Header and Footer Tools faded in. With one click on Concept if you bring it to the fore.


Now you can find whole left-wing outside in Ribbon preset headers and footers. You can of course also set it individually yourself. This is often the better method. You can then also do a variety of Placeholders use.

4_place holder

Did you choose a Header and Footer Element decided, the result will only be visible if you click in another area.


Continue right-wing you can then find the two options First page different and Different even and odd pages.

6_other options



Insert graphic


First you click in the area in which the graphic is to be inserted. in the Ribbon then click on the Graphic button.


Now you choose that Path the file adds this with button to open a. So that the graphic is also visible here, must only again in one other Area clicked .


Only in the rarest of cases does it fit Graphic perfectly in the desired Area. Therefore this has to be done first customized will. To do this, you have to go back to the Area the graphic clicked and then the button Graphic format.


The window of the same name can then be used to open the Size or the scaling of the Graphic change.



Am simplest is it when you talk about the scaling is working. Simply the Percentages down or hoch sit down and look at the result. Important doing that is the hook in front Lock aspect ratio is set.

Find more Options one still has over the rider picture. Here the graphic can be viewed via the Cropping of the streaks still suitable position.


You can find a lot more help here. Windows 10 tips and tricks


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