Outlook 2010: Back up and apply accounts

Icon_Outlook10_33x32Would you like to finish with one furnished Outlook version on one new Calculator (only for Germany) the umzieh or by version 2007 on 2010 change, there is the possibility to use the existing one accounts zu take. The data required for this are stored in the registration. As an alternative to the manual backup described here, the software MOBackup for Account backup can be used.


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1. Export data from the registry editor

First is about the shortcut key Windows button + R and input regedit the registry editor opens.


Here you navigate to the following Key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ Current Version \ Windows Messaging Subsystem \

The folder Profiles is with a right-click activated, and the command in the context menu Export... .

2 Keys

Now becomes a any Filename chosen, and this as registry file secured. Of the Registry Editor can then again closed .


Next up should be the Outlook.pst Save file. This can usually be found in the Windows Explorer under the Path

C: \ Users \ username \ Documents \ Outlook files



2. Merge backed up files

If you are now at one other Calculator (only for Germany) or has one new OutlookVersion installed, there is now the option of the secured Files into the system to involve. For that should Outlook however first closed stay.

In XNUMX, when First one clicks the saved registration file Profiles.reg familiar with the right Mouse button and selects in the context menu Merge.


Subsequently is still the Outlook.pst File in gleichen Path copied from this before taken wurde.

And it’s done. Outlook can gestartet be, and all accounts should taken have been.


This tip comes from www.win-tipps-tweaks.de
© Copyright Michael Hille

Using Registry Editor or its tips incorrectly can cause serious system problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Tampering with the registry files and using the tips is at your own risk.

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