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Icon_Word10_33x32Would you like the Page numbers only from a certain page begin, and then with -Page 1-, a few things must be observed. Often it is at scientific work the case that the first pages are numbered in Roman numerals, and then the following pages start with -page 1-. This project is being implemented through the Page number formatting and inserting individual Sections.


In this Example should the sixth page of a document with -Page1- begin, where the first five pages no numbering should receive. The individual steps for inserting and deleting a section will now be described in detail.


1. Insert section

To insert a new section on the sixth page, first switch to the Cursor in the first line this side. Now you choose the Ribbon the rider Page layout. There you click the link below right-wing in the area -Setting up-.

 1_Set up_page

It opens a new Window. There you switch to the tab layout and choose from the drop-down menu at the bottom -Document from here-.


Has one with OK approved and activated with a Double at the top of the sixth page the Header so you can see here that a new section has been inserted.


If you are in the Headerso you can go about that Ribbon now one page number insert. It's the rider Concept that Header and Footer Tools.


First is also on the sixth page page number 6 to see. But this can now be done fast change, With a right-click auf die Number 6 you open via the context menu the command -Format the page number-.

5_format_page number

In the next Window the two options to undertake. as First is under pagination -Start at: - marked and as Second from 6 to 1 changed.

6_page number format

Now it's almost there. The sixth page is now already provided with -Page1-, but we want that Label the first five pages without page numbers.


We're still in the Header the sixth page. It must now be about that Ribbon the option -Link with previous- with one click disabled will. It can now be found on the fifth page the page number from the header remove without the page number disappearing on the sixth page. This is only possible because there are two different sections.

The result is a document in which the first five pages are labeled without page numbers and the sixth page starting with -page1-.


2. Delete section

One would like later an der numbering some change, is this Delete or Move one Section necessary. To delete a section, you first have to go to the Draft view switch. About the rider View is this to be found.

8_Draft view

The section change can be recognized by two dotted lines on the corresponding pages.

9_Section change_delete


To delete the section at this point, the Cursors on the lines positioned and with the Delete key the command executed.


With the method of the different sections it is possible to format the document on a page-by-page basis. It is important that the sections are no longer linked. To do this, the corresponding button must be deactivated as described above.



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