Excel 2010: Back up the file to another partition at the same time

Icon_Excel10_33x32If you work with Excel on an extensive Workbook, and would like this to be on the safe side with every save process Automatically additionally on one other Partition secure, this is with a little VBA-Skript possible. To do this, the master file must then be saved as a workbook with a macro.


Once you have started Excel, you can use the key combination Alt + F11 in the VBAEnvironment (Visual Basic for Applications).

A second option would be to add the development tools to the ribbon. For that one goes over File > Options > Ribbon to adjust.

1_development tools

You have that hook and before Development tools set, you can now see this in the Ribbon. You can find that here too Symbolto get a VBA project zu start.


Following View offers the VBA-Environment when starting:


After a Double to this Workbook you give in right Window the following Command sequence .

Option Explicit

Sub Workbook_BeforeSave (ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)

Application.EnableEvents = False


Application.DisplayAlerts = False

ThisWorkbook.SaveCopyAs "Drive: \ folder \"& ThisWorkbook.Name &" .xls "

Application.DisplayAlerts = True

Application.EnableEvents = True

End Sub

Under Drive and folder enter the path where the backup is to be stored. Important has always been \ behind the path. This gives rise to the following possible View.

4_order sequence

Now it has to Project saved will. About the little one Diskette this is possible in the menu.


The following Note you confirm with Ja.


The VBA-Environment after saving, you can simply use the X top right schließen.

The Master file must as Excel-Workbook to Makro can be saved. This is selected via the Drop-Down-Menu under File Type .


If you work on this file and then save it, you will see the automatically created backup copy on the other partition or the external hard drive.


Would you like this Backup file times change and under a different name save, it then recommends the file not again to Makro save.



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