PowerPoint 2010: Power Candy

Icon_PowerPoint10_33x32In order to Presentation with PowerPoint 2010 neat upgrade, givesThumbnail there are many new possibilities. With the help of Form combination or Shape function For example, interlocking ones can be set up in a few simple steps Elements then create that at will animated can be.



To make the job a little easier, you should start with a few Vorbereitungen meet. as layout a complete one is best empty page.


A grid is recommended for accuracy. About a Left click on Vinyl is opened in the context menu Raster and Guidelines.

2_context menu

In the newly opened Window one uses hook and before Objects an other Objekten relay a message and Raster on them screen show. If distance are suitable 0,2 cm.


3_Raster settings

Zum ending of the Preparation the ribbon still has to match the Form combination ergänzt will. Above Home > Options > Ribbon to adjust you open the following Window.


Im left upper Drop-down menu one chooses All commands and in right upper Tabs tool the end. Under Drawing tools then becomes a new Group with the Namur Forms2010 or something similar. Links one looks for the come Posts Shape- or in beta Shape combinations and add them using the button Add to the newly created group.



Create the elements

About the rider Insert one chooses to form > Ellipse. The size was here on three Grid in the Height and about zweieinhalb Grid in the Width set. Then the shape is marked and over a right-click in the context menu Points Bearbeiten .


The next step is the Cursor on the red Border positioned and over a Right click the command Points hinzufügen certainly. This should two Evil be done, whereby it should be once above the existing point and once below it.

Add 2_points

The middle point something after left-wing pulled and the both new generated points easy to top right. The following picture shows the result of the first part. Of course, the size and shape can be changed as you wish.


To create the middle element, you create with depressed STR key and left click on the first one Part Copy whose. This is then moved to the right and replaced by a new inserted Ellipse (Part2) so coveredthat the created notch can no longer be seen at the moment.


Now comes the Shape- or. Shape-feature for use. For this you click with depressed Shift key first Part 2 and then the Copy Part 1 at. When both parts are marked, you choose Shape subtraction. This can be found in the tab in which you created the new group for the four functions in preparation.


Once the command has been executed, part 1 of the copy disappears and part 2 is given the new form. Now that will first Part erneut twice copiedTo 180 City rotated and right-wing positioned.


One of the copies is used again for the subtraction function. This is so far leads over the Medium-Part placed so that the notch is just completely underlaid.


With a Left click to depressed Shift key on the Medium- and then on that Rights part, these can be accessed again via the Shape subtraction pull away from each other. If you move the copy upwards you get the following view.



Add color and text

With a Double on the individual parts can be different via types of shapes Colors and Contour effects Add.


About one right-click to a Element can be accessed via the context menu Text Bearbeiten Select and thus enter any text.


The Text can then via the tab Home further formatted will. This also includes the Text direction.




The animation

Once everything has been done, the appropriate animation is still missing. About the rider Animation you can add a specific item to each previously marked part individually or to all parts together Animation effect assigned .


You can then find the on the right under the same tab button Animation area. Once you have clicked on this, a new window opens on the right-hand side of the screen. With a Left click on the last in der List listed part, one then selects Drop-down menu the point To previous begin. Via the button reproduction the result can be viewed.

12_Animation area

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