Manage screen backgrounds in multi-monitor mode

Freeware does what Windows does not allow by default DisplayFusion.
With the tool, which is only 400KB in size, the Dual or more monitor operation a separate background image or, of course, only one color can be displayed for each desktop.
The integrated function Pictures from the picture service is also interesting Flickr to be displayed directly in DisplayFusion using a search term. These can be downloaded and integrated as a background.

Installation is straightforward and quick.
If DisplayFusion is loaded automatically when Windows starts, a right-click on the small monitor symbol in the systray is sufficient to start the program or to change the program settings.


DisplayFusion supports keyboard combinations for essential actions, which are actually not necessary as everything can be reached with just a few clicks.
There is also an automatic update function so that the latest version is always available.
If another program tries to change the screen background (s), DisplayFusion can issue a warning on request to prevent unwanted changes.
Settings for any Internet access via proxy that may be used are also available.


In the program window you can choose whether the background image should be set separately for each screen or whether an image should be stretched across the monitors.
Before the settings are accepted, a query appears again to be on the safe side, but this can be switched off in the settings.


In order to be able to use DisplayFusion you do not have to have at least two monitors, the freeware can also be used with one monitor.

System requirements:
Windows 2000, 2003, XP or Vista
Microsoft. NET Framework v2.0
Language: English

Download at win-tipps-tweaks.de

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