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"Easy-to-use software" - this is how the manufacturer Fresh Devices describes your program for managing and viewing image, video and audio files.TrueCrypt software

The software is written in several languages, including German, and is available free of charge for private use from the website. However, commercial use is chargeable and starts at $ 39 per license.

The current version 8.39 is currently two megabytes in size and is available for the Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Fresh View is enjoying increasing popularity with almost 26.000 downloads and a reader rating of 70/30 on


The management and viewing program for digital media is very clearly laid out. You can find almost all important and helpful functions immediately, making it very user-friendly and easy to use. Thumbnails of the images and the number of views also make it easier to search for images without having to open them beforehand, so there is no need to read long documentation and instructions before starting the application.

The main functions of the program are an animated slideshow for pictures and a conversion tool for picture files. With over many formats that are available for reading on the developer website, the tool reads and converts all kinds of images and is therefore a good replacement for the well-known Irfan View. After viewing and editing the images, you can also easily create expressions.


Other helpful components of Fresh View are the creation of an HTML album that can be easily integrated into websites and the automatic switching of background images. With a few small settings, the system automatically changes the background image at the set time interval.

  • Image formats:
    Windows Bitmap (* .bmp), Windows Metafile (* .wmf, *. Emf), JPEG Image (* .jpg, *. Jpe, *. Jpeg, *. Jfif), CompuServe GIF Image (* .gif), Portable Network Graphic Image (* .png), Tagged Image File Format Image (* .tif, *. Tiff), Photoshop Image (* .psd, *. Pdd), TrueVision Image (*. Tga, *. Win, *. Vst , *. vda, *. icb), Run Length Encoded Bitmap (* .rle), Device Independent Bitmap (* .dib), GFI Fax Image (* .fax), Encapsulated Postscript Image (* .eps), ZSoft Paintbrush Image (* .pcx, *. pcc), Word 5.x Screen Capture Image (* .scr), Alias ​​/ Wavefront Image (* .rla, *. rpf), SGIImages (* .sgi, *. rgb, * .rgba , * .bw), Portable Pixel Map Image (* .ppm), Portable Gray Map Image (*. pgm), Portable Bitmap Image (* .pbm), Autodesk Image (* .cel, *. pic), Kodak Photo- CD Image (*. Pcd), Dr. Halo Image (* .cut), Paintshop Pro Image (* .psp)

  • Audio formats:
    WAVE Audio (* .wav), MP3 Audio (* .mp3), MIDI Audio (* .mid, * .midi, * .rmi), Vorbis Ogg Audio (* .ogg), AIFF Audio (* .aif, *. aifc, * .aiff), AU Audio (* .au), ProTracker Mod Audio (* .mod, * .mdz, * .nst, * .m15), Module Lists Audio (* .mol), Zipped Mod Audio (* .mdz, * .s3z, * .xmz, * .itz), ScreamTracker Mod Audio (* .s3m, * .stm, * .s3z), FastTracker Mod Audio (* .xm, * .xmz), Impulse Tracker Mod Audio (* .it, * .itz), MultiTracker Mod Audio (* .mtm), Octamed Mod Audio (* .med), Other MOD Audio (* .wow, * .669, * .far, * .okt)

  • Video formats:
    AVI Video (* .avi), MPEG Video (* .m1v, * .mp2, * .mp2v, * .mpa, * .mpe, * .mpeg, * .mpg, * .mpv2)

  • Icon Resource Format:
    Windows Icon (* .ico), Windows Cursor (* .cur), Animated Cursor (* .ani), Icon Library (* .icl), Executable File (* .exe), Dynamic Linking Library (* .dll)

Conclusion: The freeware tool Fresh View is a first-class helper in the field of image, video and audio. It replaces many small programs and offers minimal competition to Irfan View. It is definitely useful in everyday life and I also agree with the slogan “Easy-to-use software”.

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