Stream Catcher 2 Real-time capture of video streams and more

Stream Catcher 2 Real-time capture of video streams and more

Easily fish video clips, films and music from the Internet 

The stream catcher 2 from Data Becker offers the convenient option of recording films, series, concerts and video clips from the Internet in optimal quality or downloading them at the push of a button.
Practically everything that is viewed or listened to on the Internet can be saved to the hard drive by recording it in real time on the PC monitor or downloading the relevant files from a video portal.
For this purpose, a recording mask is simply drawn around the screen area with the content to be recorded. The application then records exactly what can be seen in the window in the previously set format ... 

System Requirements

Windows compatible PC with Windows XP (SP2) / Vista
Pentium IV 1800 or comparable, 512 MB Ram
Free hard disk space approx. 100 MB
16 BIT sound card (optional)
Internet access (DSL or comparable recommended)
Windows Mediaplayer 10 (or higher)

Things to know about the installation

When the Stream Catcher 2 is installed, the WinPcap component is also automatically installed.
WinPcap is a capture driver for Windows-based systems which enables hardware-related access to the network card.
If this component is already installed on the system, a corresponding message appears and the WinPcap installation can be skipped.

In order for the Stream Catcher 2 to run without errors, the latest version of NET 2.0 must be installed.
The installation is carried out automatically.

Administrator rights are required for the correct operation of Stream Catcher 2 under Windows 2000 / XP.

If the standard directory is not selected for the installation location, it should be noted that Stream Catcher2 is not installed on the top level of a drive but always in a directory, as otherwise problems with the recognition of the program could occur.

When you start the Stream Catcher 2 for the first time under Windows Vista, the audio wizard appears.
This activates the stereo mix channel in the control panel. The activation of the stereo mix channel is important, otherwise audio recordings cannot be recorded without errors.

What's new?

  • Download clips from the most important video portals
    A new feature in Stream Catcher 2 is the ability to download clips from the most important video portals.
    YouTube, MyVideo and Clipfish are preset as standard portals in the Streamcatcher2
    For this purpose, the user informs the "Stream Catcher 2" just include the URL to the video you want. The video will then be added to a download list. The advantage: content no longer has to be played back to the end in order to save a complete copy on the hard drive. The user is supported by the so-called "direct download monitoring". With this feature, the? Stream Catcher 2? automatically whether an AV stream is started on one of the supported video portals. It can be added to the download list with just one click.
    Basically, this presetting of only three video portals is not important, since the "Search cache" function finds all the multimedia files stored in the browser cache and so videos or images that have already been viewed can easily be saved.

  • Network analysis
    The network analysis is also new.
    For online portals or websites that are operated by the Stream Catcher 2 are not supported by default, there is now the network analysis. If you want to download a video from a website, the analysis function comes into play: When surfing the Internet, the tool analyzes the entire network traffic. If a multimedia file is now called up in the browser, the network analysis shows the corresponding file path in an overview. The entry can now be added to the download list.

  • Viewing multimedia files
    The display of multimedia files that are in the local cache memory is one of the innovations in the StreamCatcher2.

  • The recording window
    The previous recording window has also been optimized.
    In the previous version, the recording mask was adjusted manually by the user. Now, in the? Stream Catcher 2 ?? after starting the recording module, click on the video. The recording frame now adapts precisely to the window in which the video is played. A new recording countdown at the beginning of the recording sequence also ensures that there are no more disruptive pre- and post-processing. In addition, the graphical user interface has been completely remodeled so that operation is now even more intuitive.

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The schedule

StreamCatcher2 starts with a quick start wizard that provides access to all functions.

  1. Perform real-time recordings
    The recording frame of the Stream Catcher 2 starts with the real-time recording.
    This means that not only videos from the monitor but also music can be recorded in real time.
    There are also many options for taking screenshots and extracting image files from web pages.
  1. Start direct download monitoringstreamcatcher2_small_1.jpg
    This function runs in the background and automatically detects when a video is viewed on one of the supported video portals.
    This way, the video clip can be downloaded with just one click.
  1. Start network analysis
    The network analysis shows the complete data traffic of the network.
    This function is useful for filtering and downloading multimedia files from any website.
  1. Search cache
    This allows the cache of the most popular Internet browsers to be searched for multimedia files.
    This makes it easy to find videos or pictures that have already been viewed.
  1. Browse media management
    Starts the main interface of the Stream Catcher 2.
    From there, all functions can be called up and media files can be imported, managed and converted into various formats.

Formats and functions
  • Realtime video recordings in AVI, FLV, MPEG1 and MPEG2 (trial version 30 days)
  • Recording of streams and DRM-protected video formats
  • Video conversion to AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2 (trial version 30 days), FLV and WMV
  • The recording frame automatically adapts to the player window
  • Direct download of videos from popular online portals
  • Integrated network analysis and cache search
  • Import and playback of all popular video formats
  • Export for Pocket PC, VCD, SVCD and DVD
  • Recording of audio sources in MP3 and WAV
  • Create audio files from music videos
  • Clip and wave editor for optimizing videos and sounds
  • Save images from websites to your hard drive with just one click and convert them to JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG
  • 1-click creation of freely scalable screenshots
  • Professional media library for videos, music and pictures


streamcatcher2_small_2.jpg  streamcatcher2_small_4.jpg


StreamCatcher 2 is a really comprehensive tool for recording multimedia content.
Everything that is displayed can basically be recorded, converted, saved and managed.
For a lot of what the Streamcatcher can do there are smaller software solutions, the Streamcatcher 2 offers everything and much more under one roof.
In addition, the community set up by DataBecker at offers help and plugins with which the program can be expanded to include additional video portal support, for example.
A recommended program at a fair price.

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