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Microsoft Windows Vista Pocket Advisor for Administrators

This book was written with the aim of being more compact than a manual, but still more complete than a paperback book. The end result is:

Microsoft Windows Vista Pocket Advisor for Administrators

The guide focuses more on content and does not flood the reader with images. The readers' group are Vista administrators. The book is also suitable for advanced Vista users who want to acquire more detailed knowledge about Microsoft Windows Vista.

The book is written very factually and would like to bring the reader closer to the reader briefly, clearly, precisely. The author clearly runs through the book's own specifications throughout the book, which is why you can get into ruminating at one point or another.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction to Windows Vista Administration

  • Manage Windows Vista Systems

  • Configure systems, hardware and drivers

  • Customize the desktop and user interface

  • Install and maintain applications

  • Manage user accounts and security

  • Manage laptops and mobile users

  • Configure user and computer policies

  • Manage hard drives and file systems

  • Manage file security and resource sharing

  • Explorer options, offline files, and disk quotas

  • Configure and troubleshoot TCP / IP networks

  • Manage mobile networks and remote access

  • Advanced internet options and security

  • Windows Vista troubleshooting and support

Product information
  • Paperback: 607 pages
  • Publisher: Microsoft Press Germany
  • Language: German
  • ISBN 10: 3-86645-908-4
  • ISBN 13: 978-3-86645-908-3

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At the end...

The book is certainly an enrichment for Vista users and the pocket guide is recommended for daily work. William R. Stanek wrote all the important topics in his book. The correct administrator could claim that there are some items that are missing on, for example, networking.

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