Data backup for Windows Mail, Internet Explorer and Firefox

Data backup for Windows Mail, Internet Explorer and Firefox

By default, you are used to it from XP that the data backup has to be carried out using special additional software. Unfortunately, this fact has not changed under the new Vista operating system.
Help is coming through a small and fine program, which WMBackup and actually focuses on securing the Vista internal program Windows Mail.



  • Differentiated folder selection for backup backup.
  • Selection of all or individual mail and newsgroups folders.
  • Furthermore, the backup of Windows contacts, filters, rules, signatures, user dictionaries and much more.

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As already mentioned above, there is still the delicacy that you can also save your favorites / bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Firefox.


  • Cryptic encryption of the data by entering a password.
  • Automation of the backup by creating a batch file.
  • Report generation with printout

The program itself is Freeware.
You can of course find the download at WinTT
wmbackup download at WinTT

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