Turn off Windows 10 defragmentation of the SSD

Defragment the SSD hard drive
switch off under Windows 10

Turn off Windows 10 defragmentation of the SSD

 Back in the days of HDD and SSD hard disks, nobody knew a thing about it, so HDD defragmentation made sense in the meantime. We therefore recommend deactivating Windows 10's automatic active defragmentation on an SSD hard drive. I will show you how to disable defragmentation in Windows 10 in the following tip:

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Open Windows Explorer with Windows key + E and select this PC. Then right-click on the SSD hard drive that you no longer want to defragment and open Characteristics.

In the new window on the "Tools" tab and there on the button Synchronise. Then just select the desired partition and click Change settings and the hook at Run on schedule remove. Done!

Important note: If you have an HDD hard drive, you should defragment it.

Windows 10 Tips Defragmentation

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