Call up programs stored in the taskbar at lightning speed

Start your own programs in the system tray at lightning speed using a key combination


Call up programs stored in the taskbar at lightning speed

 Almost everyone uses it, frequently used programs are positioned directly in the system tray to have quick access without having to display the desktop to search for the icon.
In order to start one of these programs it is not always necessary to use the mouse.
It's much faster using a keyboard shortcut.


Windows 10 can start up to 9 programs directly via Windows key +1 to 9.
This is best explained by this screenshot.

Here we see 7 programs stored by the user, next to the icons for the start menu and the task view.
The search symbol is hidden here. Otherwise these first three system icons do not count.

icons in the system tray

For example to the Explore, which is in the first place, just press the Windows button + 1
Um Spotify (the green icon) press the Windows button + 7
A program can be started quickly while typing without having to use the mouse.



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