The most common keyboard shortcuts for Windows and their functions

Windows 10 tips and tricks

Anyone who works a lot with Word documents or Internet pages will often find it awkward to maneuver using the right mouse button or the toolbar. Fortunately, there are numerous keyboard shortcuts (also known as hotkeys or shortcuts) under Windows that can save you a lot of time and nerves in your daily work on the computer. This post gives an overview of some common Windows key combinations that are most noticeable when working on a PC.

Keyboard shortcuts for easier operation

The following table contains some keyboard shortcuts that make general use of the PC easier:

shortcut SALE

 Right SHIFT key for eight seconds
 keep pressed down

 Activate the stop delay
 or deactivate
 Left Alt + Left SHIFT + PRINT  Activate / deactivate high contrast

 Left Alt + Left SHIFT +
 NUM key

 Left Alt + Left SHIFT +
 NUM key
 Press the SHIFT key five times  Activate / deactivate latching function
 Press and hold the NUM key for five seconds  Activate / deactivate toggle keys
 Windows Key + U  Open Ease of Access Center


Navigate Windows with shortcuts

The Windows logo key makes it possible to call up some functions more quickly under the Windows interface:

shortcut SALE
 Windows key  Open / close the start menu
 Windows key + D  Minimize or restore all windows
 Windows key + E  Open Windows Explorer
 Windows Key + G  Open the game bar when the game is open
 Windows key + I  Open settings
 Windows key + tab  Open active applications
 Windows key + F  Search for: Show all files
 Windows key + L  Lock your PC or change your account
 Windows Key + M  Minimize all windows
 Windows key + SHIFT + M  Restore minimized windows on the desktop
 Windows Key + Ctrl + F  Search for: View computer
 Windows key + F1  Display Windows Help
 Windows key + R  Display the Run dialog box
Windows key + PAUSE key  Display the System Properties dialog box


The above keyboard shortcuts have been specially developed for Windows and are therefore not applicable to other operating systems such as Linux.

The most common global Windows keyboard shortcuts

Global keyboard shortcuts form the most important and at the same time most popular combinations. They can be used anywhere - whether in a special program, on the Windows interface or on the Internet:


shortcut SALE
 F10  Activate the menu bar in a program
 Alt + underlined letter  Execute the desired menu command
 Ctrl + F4  Close the current window ie MDI program
 Alt + F4  Close the current window or quit a program
 Ctrl + A  Select all
 Ctrl + C  Copy
 Ctrl + V  Insert
 Ctrl + X  cut out
 Ctrl + Z  Undo the action
 Del  Erase (left to right)
 <Button  Erase (from right to left)
 F1  to show help
 UP + F10  Display the context menu for the selected item
 Ctrl + Esc  Display the Start menu
 Alt + Tab  Switch between open applications
 F5  Replaces the update command
 Ctrl + Home  Jump to the top of a window
 Ctrl + End  Jump to the bottom of a window
 Ctrl + F  Search for

You have to master these commands especially if you intend to control your computer without a mouse.

Hotkeys for My Computer and Windows Explorer

There are a few keyboard shortcuts specially designed to work with them in Windows and Internet Explorer. They are very helpful, for example, when clicking through a folder or surfing the Internet.

shortcut SALE
 UP + "Close" (x)  Close the selected folder and all parent folders
 Alt + LEFT  Go back to a previous view
 Alt + RIGHT  Go forward to a previous view
 Backspace  Corresponds to the "Back" function
 Press and hold the UP button  Autostart is suppressed when a CD is inserted
 Ctrl while dragging a file  The file is copied as soon as you release the key in another folder
 Ctrl + UP  Hold down and a link will be created as you drag
 UP + Del  The file is deleted without ending up in the recycle bin
 F2  Renaming a file
 Alt + Enter  View the properties of an element

The constant navigating with the mouse to the back button is often annoying when surfing. Tip: Pressing the backspace key once is sufficient.

New shortcuts for Windows 10

The following table contains new keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10:

shortcut SALE
 Windows key + A  Open Info Center
 Windows key + S  Open search
 Windows key + C  Open Cortana in voice recognition mode
 Windows key + Tab  Open active applications
 Windows key + Ctrl + D  Add a virtual desktop
 Windows key + Ctrl + RIGHT  Switch between virtual desktops created on the right
 Windows key + Ctrl + LEFT  Switch between virtual desktops created on the left
 Windows key + Ctrl + F4  Close the virtual desktop in use


In addition to the keyboard shortcuts mentioned, there are countless others. But you shouldn't be put off by the abundance, as you can't remember all of them anyway. If you use some shortcuts often enough, you will internalize them over time and realize how easy it can be to work with them!

This article was created in a friendly collaboration with ARLT Computer.