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Determine restarts after Windows updates yourself

Windows 10 tip - prevent Windows Update from automatically restarting

The installation of new Windows updates very often requires a system restart. Windows 10 automatically restarts the computer by default if the computer is inactive for a longer period of time.
Even if no unsaved files are lost, as they prevent the automatic restart, it can be quite annoying if the computer has restarted while you get a coffee.
It would be better to determine when the restart should take place ...


How do I configure the restart of Windows updates?

Go to the Settings about the start menu or press the key combination Windows button + isettings
Choose there Update and security
In the window Update and Security> Windows Update click on erweiterte options.
Now can under Installation type for updates the option Notify about planning a restart to be chosen.

In the future, a message will appear about the necessary restart and you can set when this should take place.



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