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Windows 7 "Show Desktop Icon" in the
Create the taskbar next to the start button

In Windows 7, the Show desktop button has been moved to the right-hand side of the taskbar next to the clock.
The reason is that every time the mouse is on this field, all windows and applications become transparent.
That could quickly become annoying when working or surfing.

Here we would like to show you how you can easily create your own "Show desktop icon" and move it back to the start button.
First we create a new folder on the desktop.
(Right click on a free space on the desktop >> new folder)
For example, we give this folder. the name Desktop.

Now we open an editor or notepad and insert the following:

Command = 2
IconFile = explorer.exe, 3
Command = ToggleDesktop

Save the file under the name  Show desktop scf
It is important to note that this file type must be changed for all files.

Tired of creating the file yourself?
Download Desktop.scf  (zip)

We will now save this in the newly created folder: desktop

Next, we'll create a new toolbar.
To do this, right-click on the taskbar and select in the context menu: New toolbar.

For this new toolbar we select our newly created folder with the .scf file.

Now we have created a new toolbar in the system tray.
However, only a text is displayed now, not exactly what we wanted.


So we have to exchange this text for an icon.

For this we click with the right mouse button in the new text in the task bar.
Here we have to clear the hook: Show text and Show title remove.



And finally we have an icon for "show desktop"in the system tray.
The icon is from the old Windows XP times.

To swap this icon for another, we do the following:

We open our folder with the created .scf file.
Right click on this file and create a shortcut on the desktop.

Now right click on this shortcut and select properties.
Here we click on: Another symbol and choose one that we like.

symbols 4.jpg

With click on Apply and OK we have changed the icon image and this is displayed in the system tray.


Place the symbol next to the start button

However, we would prefer to have this new desktop display icon next to the start button again. No problem.

We click on a free space in the taskbar and check the box: lock the taskbar path.
Now we pull the left boundary line in the taskbar over to the far right. The new icon is next to the start button.
Now we can move all the other symbols that have been moved back to the left-hand side and have our old view of the taskbar again.

Now fix the taskbar again and we have our show desktop button next to the start button as usual from XP or Vista.

task finished6.jpg

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