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Windows 7 accelerate shutdown
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When you work on the computer for a long time, several services and programs often open in the background, which can later delay the shutdown. Windows specifies a certain time for this in which the system will terminate them. Applications that are still active are then automatically terminated. The preset value for this is 12 seconds. This value can be reduced to 2 seconds in the registry.

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1. Reduce the shutdown time

To do this, call up the registry via the start menu with the "Regedit" command.

Start regedit
Start regedit

Now look for the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ Control

Edit key
Edit key

The entry "WaitToKillServiceTimeout"is called up by double-clicking and the value 2000 is entered.

2000 milliseconds correspond to 2 seconds

If problems arise during shutdown, the value can also be increased to 5000, for example.

2. Avoid queries

If the system is to be shut down despite active programs, a list of these is displayed and the shutdown must be forced with a click of the mouse. This query can be avoided with an additional entry in the registry.

Attention! For this, however, you should make sure that all data are saved each time before shutdown.

Here, too, the registry is opened again with the "Regedit" command and the following key is opened:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop

AutoEndTasks string
AutoEndTasks string

A new character string is created in the right window. To do this, click with the right mouse button in a free area and create using New> string such. The name is "AutoEndTasks string"Enter". Finally, the value of AutoEndTasks is set to 1 by double-clicking.

The computer must be restarted in order to use both interventions.

Windows 7 accelerate shutdown

Windows 7 accelerate shutdown

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