Change Windows 7 language for Home, Premium and Pro

Changing the language in Windows 7 and Vista is very easy with the more expensive versions. Change Windows 7 languageDownload the language pack, if available, and convert it yourself in Windows. The more expensive versions include Ulitmate and Enterprise. Windows 7 and Vista language packages at a glance read on before following the link. You are confronted with the question of whether you want to install a MUI (Multilingual User Interface) or LIP (Language Interface Pack) version.

MUI (Multilingual User Interface)

Almost all user interfaces at MUI are translated.
The MUI enables multiple language versions of Windows to be used on a single computer. These language packs can be downloaded from Windows Update.

LIP (Language Interface Pack)

With LIP, only the most frequently used areas are translated. The LIPs versions can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft homepage.


Change Windows 7 language in Ultimate

  1. Start Windows Update
  2. On "optional updates are available"Click link
  3. "Language pack for English Windows 7" choose
  4. Click OK and start the Windows Update
Under Enterprise, the language selection could have been hidden by the administrator.

So it is more interesting to install a new language for Windows 7 Home, Premium and Pro versions. To achieve this, there is the option of changing it via the command line or conveniently using the free Vistalizator program. I show the variant via Vistalizator.


Change Windows 7 language with Vistalizator

Step 1 Download Vistalizator


Unzip the zip file and run it. Vistalizator does not need to be installed.

Vistalizer 2.3

Here you can find information about the system and the language type.

Step 2 download the language pack

On the side many language files are available.

For the example, I'll download an English language file and go to the menu on the left beforehand MUI for Windows 7 32RTM.

Download Language Pack

Step 3 update language pack

To update the language go to Vistalizator > Choose a language > click on Update languages



4th step Change the language in the Vistalizator

On in the Vistalizator Add Languages click and select the downloaded language file. You then receive the following message, which you confirm with OK.

Invalid window handle

Also take note of the following message that you have to update the language manually and the system does not do it automatically.

Select language for install

Choose a language and on Change Language.

change language

Yes to confirm.


The message says as soon as Vistalizator is closed, a restart will be carried out.


Here again the message that Windows will be restarted.


The new display language can already be seen when Windows is loading.

Have fun with the new Windows display language.

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