Windows 7 - take screenshots with the Snipping Tool

Take screenshots with the Windows 7 Snipping Tool
The Snipping Tool screenshot program is also included in Windows 7.
This simple tool makes it quick and easy to take screenshots.

The Snipping Tool is located at:
Start> All Programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool

If you want to save yourself the long way to call up the program, you should either put it in the system tray or link it to a key combination.

Snipping Tool in the system tray:
Start> All Programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool> right click on the program> select Pin to Taskbar.

Snipping Tool by keyboard shortcut:
Start> All Programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool> Right click on the program> Properties.
Select shortcut in the new window.


You can now create your own hotkey under the key combination.
The combination is called with CTRL-ALT own selection.

But now to the program itself.
If the Snipping Tool is started, a selection window opens and the entire screen is highlighted in color.

The mouse pointer appears as a crosshair and the image selection can be started.
Simply search for the selected location with the mouse, hold down the left mouse button and mark the area.
The screenshot is done and is displayed in a window.

This window allows you to edit the created image.
Simple text input, a marking function and an option to delete the processing are available here.


With the function Send cutouts the screenshot can be sent immediately by email.

The images are saved via File> Save As.

Unsaved images are moved to the clipboard and can be edited, for example, with Paint
can be opened by pasting and further edited.

To do this, simply open Paint> choose Insert> Image appears for further processing.

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