Windows 7 create system repair disk

Create Windows 7 system repair disc
Reinstalling Windows after a system crash always takes a certain amount of time.
It would be better if a repair DVD was at hand that would speed up everything.
With the backup DVD / CD, a system image can be restored under Windows-7, which can be created beforehand with the integrated backup and restore function from the control panel.

Creating these is now done quickly under Windows 7 and with just a few clicks of the mouse.

This option can be found under Home >>control Panel >>system and safety >>Create a backup of the computer.

In the new window we go to the selection on the left: Create system repair media.
The backup can be created either on an internal or external hard drive or on DVD.
With Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate there is also the option of performing a network backup.


Don't forget to insert a free DVD into the drive.
Now we choose: Create disk.

All necessary data is now compiled.
Immediately afterwards, the storage on the DVD starts.


Our created DVD now enables us to quickly repair Windows 7 after a serious error.
If the worst comes to the worst, you can now boot with the system repair disk and use "to fix a computer"Windows 7 will restore the previously created system image.
In doing so, all data is overwritten with that of the system image.

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