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Disable Windows 7 homegroup

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Windows 7 wants to make setting up a home network of two or more PCs much easier with the new "homegroup" function. With just two clicks of the mouse, releases are assigned and a password is generated with which other PCs can connect to this network. However, this great simplification also has weaknesses.



For example, in addition to others, the following Prerequisite be fulfilled:

  • Only PCs with Windows 7 can join the home network, older versions are not supported.

For example, in order to create a network with Windows 7 and XP, the homegroup function must first be deactivated.

To do this, enter the command "services" .

Start Windows 7 services
Start Windows 7 services

Look for the name in the following list Homegroup provider.

Services at a glance
Services at a glance

The Properties its opened. In the tab General lets the service deactivate.

Deactivate homegroup provider
Deactivate homegroup provider

After the service has ended, a network can be created between Windows 7 and XP computers as usual without it necessarily belonging to a homegroup.
What else to look out for:

  • Deactivate the firewall of the XP computer or add exceptions.

  • User accounts with passwords should be assigned on both computers.

  • With the key combination Windows key + R can be done with the command
    "\\"show the other computer.

  • The IP address of a computer can be found by entering the command prompt ipconfig enters.

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Delete homegroup

Delete homegroup
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