WinSAT - Windows System Assessment Tool

win7 logoWindows starts a number of programs in the background, many of which are useful, some rather superfluous and one like the application "WinSAT"causes worry lines on the user's forehead when it starts. Switch the aero design to the basic design all at once and the computer is busy for a while.

Who does not know what is happening there, fear the worst, Trojans, viruses or a defect?
Nothing like that, the "WinSAT" process has started ...

What is WinSAT?

WinSAT is the "Windows System Assessment Tool", it is responsible for the system assessment, it measures the performance and functionality of a system.

As a command line tool, it can also be used by the user himself for certain system assessments.
So the call to "winsat cpu formal"is called in the command line (cmd) to evaluate the processor performance. Further options for system evaluations are available with the call winsat.exe /?
But I describe the possibilities in another tip.

In our case, however, it is about the automatically started process, our Aero scheme on the Basic scheme switches and loads the computer heavily. This does not happen when the computer is in use, i.e. when it is busy, but only when Windows believes that there is time for it due to the low load. This process is controlled via so-called "trigger" in the task Scheduler, here it is completely specified when and what conditions WinSAT is performed.
Usually starts WinSat once a week and on Sundays at 01:00 a.m., this time means that many users will never see this process, but whoever is sitting in front of their computer at this moment will get wide eyes in ignorance of the Voganges .

So if you don't want to keep the performance index up to date, you can do without this automatic process and can easily turn it off

WinSAT.exe - Deactivate Windows System Assessment Tool

For this we need to be found in Task Scheduler
Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Task Scheduler

There are so-called "trigger"To find time-controlled processes, this can be, for example, the Adobe Updater, but also WinSAT.exe.
We find this trigger by going to the entry in the left area of ​​the task planning Microsoft / Windows / Maintenance navigate.

task Scheduler

Now we find the description of WinSat in the middle area.
In this example, the tool is scheduled to start at 01:00 a.m. and has the "Ready" status.

Select the entry with one click, it is then highlighted in blue, and can now be edited.
In the right pane of the task planning we find various actions that can be applied to the trigger, among others break up and Deactivate.
To deactivate the trigger for WinSat.exe, first click on Finish and confirm the query "Would you like to end all instances of the task" with "Yes".
Then click on "Deactivate".
Now the trigger for WinSAT has the status "Deactivated".

Task scheduling trigger disabled

If necessary, this trigger, which is still there, can be reactivated.

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