XP - Create your own fonts and special characters

An editor for user-defined characters is integrated as an extension in Windows XP. This allows you to design your own characters or logos and link them to one or all of the fonts. Existing characters can be copied into the editor window or completely new characters can be created here.

Open the Custom Character Editor by typing:

Start >> Run >> eudcedit   

The user-defined characters can be linked to all fonts in the font library, so that the user-defined characters can be displayed with all fonts or also restrict the link to certain fonts.
This allows the custom characters to be displayed only with the specified fonts.

Select Code in the dialog box to view the full set of custom characters.
Here the characters are now also displayed as a HEX value.

{jumi [plugins/content/jumi/de_cms_inContent_300x250.php]}

If a new user-defined character is to be created on the basis of an existing character, copy the existing character into the editing grid and edit it there according to your own ideas.
As a visual aid, the character can be displayed in a reference window next to the editing grid.
It is possible to use any characters from any font that is installed on the computer.

By default, the characters are created using the Unicode character set.
If one of the Asian input locales is installed (for example, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean), the Windows character set is also available.

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Using Registry Editor or its tips incorrectly can cause serious problems:
which affect the entire system and require a new installation of the operating system.
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