Which antivirus do you use?

  • What kind of antivirus do you use? 157

    1. Antivirus Personal Edition (39) 25%
    2. Kaspersky Lab Antivirus (29) 18%
    3. Program not included, see comment ... (23) 15%
    4. AntiVir Personal Edition Premium (17) 11%
    5. AVG Anti Virus Free Edition (16) 10%
    6. Norton Anti Virus (13) 8%
    7. GDATA AntiVirus (8) 5%
    8. BitDefender Antivirus (4) 3%
    9. F-Secure Internet Security (4) 3%
    10. Nod32 Antivirus (3) 2%
    11. BitDefender Free Edition (1) 1%
    12. ClamWin Freeware (0) 0%
    13. VirusScan Plus (0) 0%
    14. MicroWorld AntiVirus (0) 0%
    15. Panda Antivirus Pro (0) 0%
    16. PcTools Threatfire (0) 0%
    17. Trend Micro Anti-Virus (0) 0%
    18. I do not use an antivirus program! (0) 0%

    An anti-virus program should be part of the basic equipment of every computer.
    In this survey you can get an overview of what antivirus programs are used.
    The list that I have put together is certainly not complete, so please give us a brief comment if your antivirus program is not included.

    Active participation and comments are welcome :D

  • Nobody likes to write something, well then I'll start
    at times.
    i have been using antivir pe for years and am very satisfied
    with the program and haven't had any viruses for years
    more on my pc. but it can also be because I don't suck up every garbage on my pc.

    Of course, I have also tested other antivirus programs, but I always come back to antivir.
    why ? good question, possibly the power of habit.

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  • Probably only Antivir users cavort here :). I agree with that. Had the PE for several years, then the premium version for 1 year and - due to considerable problems with the update - ended up with the PE again. Some of the other computers in my household still have Avast installed. I've never had viruses either. The search is regularly supplemented by an online scan. Together with BRAIN 1.0 I feel relatively safe.


  • Unfortunately you cannot vote for the program "avast", because I use this program and I am very satisfied with it. I used to use AntiVir and was happy with it. But since the program had given me problems updating for a while, I switched to avast. It's your own fault if you lose users like me! I will never use junk like this again. AntiVir takes a lot of time, unlike avast.

    I also used Norton AntiVirus, Kaspersky, Panda and certainly other antivirus programs, but I wasn't satisfied. I've been with avast for a long time ...

    Best regards

  • hello,

    So I use the AntiVir Personal and I am very satisfied. I tried the premium version but then I had problems with Winamp etc ... I finally got stuck with the free version and I'm already looking forward to the 9 version (there is additional ad & spyware protection included). But the best virus scanner is useless if you don't have a good spyware program and I've been doing well with Spybot for a long time :)

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  • ... is not possible but it doesn't matter.

    AV-PE did not cause any problems so far, but only installed on one computer.

    The rest is done with F-Secure.

    hope this last

    bye ... ast

  • I use avast! Professional under VistaUltimateSP2RC and Windows7UltimatePreRC.
    With both operating systems, avast! no problem.

    In the beta test (TAP program), there were problems with updating and stability in both systems under AntiVir8.

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  • I use Sophos Anti-Virus (provided by the FH).
    The program is sometimes a bit too precise and finds viruses in files that are not files. In this case, you can send the file to Sophos and after a few hours you will usually receive a response by email as to whether the file in question is actually infected.
    But I prefer it more than having undetected viruses : exclaim:

  • ... which expressed themselves in bad performance losses [what crass anglicism ^^], I am quite fixated on antivir pe
    changed, although I have to admit that sometimes "avwsc.exe" and after the update of the signatures / new file versions also the "avnotify.exe" in the memory are a bit bitchy. otherwise avira antivir pe v.9 is quite neutral, which I really appreciate. :)

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  • Ferry's contribution quoted here could literally come from me. I had exactly the same experience and am now very satisfied with avast.

    Unfortunately you cannot vote for the program "avast", because I use this program and I am very satisfied with it. I used to use AntiVir and was happy with it. But since the program had given me problems updating for a while, I switched to avast. It's your own fault if you lose users like me! I will never use junk like this again. AntiVir takes a lot of time, unlike avast.

  • I installed G-DATA Internet Security 2009, i.e. antivirus with firewall, after I already had pretty much everything else on it before = Panda, Zone-Alarm, Kaspersky and so on.

    I like it.
    But it is important that you work with a restricted
    User account goes online.
    Better safe than sorry.

  • Yeah, I also use AntiVir 9 PE.
    It runs on my desktop, AVG runs on my Schleppi, as there are sometimes problems with the update, especially with WinXP.

    Otherwise I had previously used Norton AntiVirus 2004 and 2005 (including with Internet Security) and was dissatisfied because of the high level of resource hunger.

    On the other hand, the new Norton 360 surprised me very pleasantly, as you don't really notice anything from the process from the line.
    I'm considering switching, but the price is a bit too high, especially since I am not entirely sure how long I can update with the license.
    Would be nice if someone can give me a short tip.



  • Hallo,

    I've already tried different ones and find the suites especially problematic when the firewall part constantly inquires and gives hints. Then the important hints are ignored.

    If you update the virus signatures regularly, there were never any major problems.


  • Currently using Avast and Brain.exe on the PC. The first one has never let me down, with the second I'm not always sure.
    Before Avast, I used Symantec, G Data, and Bitdefender free.

    Avast is easy to use and doesn't cost anything. I cannot say whether it protects me better or worse than other antivirus programs. Didn't have anything on the hard drive in the last few years to be found. No matter what program.

  • Nobody mentioned Norton Internet Security 2009 ... it's a shame. = (I have to pay around € 20 for an upgrade every year, but I'm accordingly satisfied ... the other day I had a small problem with Win7, which is currently Unfortunately there is no patch yet, but the boys and girls were so fair and have extended my subscription by half a year - just like that =)
    and then I never had problems with viruses that NIS would not have taken care of ... and even on its own! I also don't have any annoying firewall warnings - NEVER - and yet I never have any problems with the settings that NIS makes itself ...
    I can only say that I am absolutely satisfied, especially since the performance has been significantly improved in the 2009 version ... just great :very good:
    ^^ but I can't force anyone ... but I can only recommend it to my heart, test it for 15 days free of charge -> that's how I figured it out and never lost it again ;)
    so genuch now chatted, mouth would be quite fluffy xD
    have a nice evening =)

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  • Hello!

    As I do every year, I test a number of the new scanners. Last year I had almost decided on the Kaspersky, when the new Norton came out. And it's really good. Which is also confirmed by many test reports. Had no worries all year.

    I am currently taking part in the beta test of the new 2010 Kaspersky. G-Data has already failed me with its suite, because only problems and slowly.

    But currently I have Norton. I'm curious to see whether there will be improvements here or whether others will be able to overtake the scanner this year.

  • I've been using antivir free for years. Was moderately satisfied with it. I have been using the Kaspersky CBE editions for 3 years. I've been very satisfied so far. Only the new 09 version gives me very big problems. I wouldn't use it anymore and I hope that will change over time.

  • :very good: I use AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition and have only had good experiences with it!

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