Windows Defender window closes by itself

  • Hi all,

    I have had an unsolved problem for a long time, which I now finally want to get to the bottom of. So far, Google has spat out useless.

    When I open Windows Defender, it starts checking briefly, but then the window always closes after about 1 second. It doesn't matter how I start the Defender (e.g. via the control panel or the maintenance center).

    Does anyone happen to know any advice? Best thanks in advance!

    Greetz, Sim


  • With Win7 I can imagine that the reason is as follows:

    Windows Defender is the spyware protection from Microsoft that has been integrated since Windows Vista. Windows Defender is activated on every system by default, even if an additional anti-virus product such as F-Secure Internet Security is installed. Since most anti-virus products have their own modules for the detection of malware and spyware, it makes little sense to use such detection twice on one system. In addition, switching it off saves system resources as there is no double scan.
    A module may already be occupied, which interferes and the program is not executed.

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  • Oh yes, I forgot to mention that: the active security tools are Avast 5.0.677 and the free Comodo package 5.01 (only the firewall is normally activated).
    Even if I deactivate Avast and Comodo, the Defender window closes. And as far as I know, it can be turned off in this window, right?
    This problem already appeared with Vista (I had Antivir installed instead of Avast) and dragged itself to Windows 7.

    So your tip would be to simply switch off Defender in the registry?

    PS: I can see right now that I missed a few words in the first post. ;) Wasn't there even an edit button?


  • C: \ Programs \ Windows Defender (open MSASCui.exe) and remove all active Hagen here. C: \ is the path for me.
    The Comodo Firewall is better than the Windows Firewall, so deactivate it. (Recommendation)

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  • First of all, thank you very much for the help! :)

    Unfortunately it is exactly the same phenomenon when I open the Defender via MSASCui.exe. The window is closed again after about 1 second. Is there a tool that I can use to check which process is exiting Defender?

    The Windows firewall is deactivated for me anyway.

    PS: If we don't hear each other before Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas! :)


  • You can also uninstall the Defender, which is the easiest solution. With a new update by Windows you can reject the update.
    Likewise, a contemplative Christmas party

    A clever one notices everything - a foolish one makes a remark about everything.

  • Stupid question: how do I uninstall Defender? It is not listed in the software list, nor is it listed for the functions.

    But actually this is only a workaround and not a real solution, especially if I have to pay attention to whether the Defender is reinstalled with every Windows update.
    I would be interested in the cause of the problem. Doesn't anyone have any idea where the culprit is or how to find out?


  • Oh man, I had completely forgotten to admit the last status. That's not my style at all. I always find it pretty bad myself when someone doesn't give any more feedback when a tip has helped. Better late than never ;)

    I just deactivated the Defender's service. That didn't solve the original problem, but it closed the case for me.


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  • To prevent Windows Defender from closing immediately after opening, you need to use System File Checker, run the DISM tool, disable third-party antivirus programs, or troubleshoot Clean Boot states. However, if nothing works, you can reset the PC to fix the problem. That's all!

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