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  • Hey together

    after my old Dell made a worthy exit, I bought an Asus A53SV yesterday.

    Certainly a beautiful device with good features.

    What bothers, however, is the fact that all garbage is pre-installed on all the new devices.
    Be it games, be it 3 different browsers, different virus programs and so on.

    Actually everything that I don't need or want.
    The hard disk is already occupied with 50GB from the start (previously it was 750GB).

    Is there any way to delete all the fun cleanly and without problems or would you have to set up the device from scratch?


  • Hello Socrates,

    There is a program with which you can delete all pre-installed programs that are not required, and I did it with my ASUS. I'm under pressure tonight. As far as I know it was from the PC world.
    The program is called PC_decrapifier

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  • Don't drive yourself crazy cuckoo

    That doesn't burn now.

    If you find a suitable program, you can post it if you have the time.

    Thank you very much in advance :)


  • I've already found it, thanks =)

    But I don't know now what I can delete all of it ...

    The problem is, there's a lot of stuff on it that I've NEVER heard of.
    For example, I certainly need ASUS ATK for the FN keys.

    But the last four entries in the "program management" ... that, for example, confuses me a bit.

    If you have the days, could you please fly over there and see what all of it COULD be thrown down?

    I would be more than grateful to you ... :)

  • The copy is very small despite the glasses. Do you have Skype or ICQ ???, if so, send me the number as a PM, I'll get in touch with you. Then you can send everything to me again. I see the list by writing my comendum and send it back to you. Agree with the solution ???.

    A clever one notices everything - a foolish one makes a remark about everything.

  • It's crazy what is now on computers or cell phones.

    Is there something like that for cell phones too?

    The focus is always on the user - and there he is in everyone's way!

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