Cloud service?

  • Hi there,

    I'm looking for a website that will allow me to save files online and download them to other PCs. In other words, I want files that I upload at work to be downloaded to another PC at home.

    Cloud service is supposed to mean the whole thing and on I found out about identity and access management, among other things. Can any of you recommend a reputable site to me? Who knows what to do?

    Thank you very much

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  • How about Dropbox?

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  • You can find some solutions there.
    I myself already have experience and have to say that it was anything but easy. So the beginning was the hardest.
    I had the website created by a XXXXXX and the rest I had a professional for design and everything else do :)

    Before that I made a comparison and got important information online.

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  • There really are plenty of options. The best known would be iCloud from Apple, OneDrive from Microsoft or Dropbox. All of them work pretty simple and offer a certain capacity of several gigabytes without any monthly costs. Of course, you can also book more storage for a certain monthly amount.

  • I also use Dropbox, but when I see what my iPhone wants to put in the cloud, I get scared. everything can be hacked in seconds. To be honest, I don't trust dieysen cloud solutions that much.

  • I use Dropbox and I am really happy with it. I really have to say that I have collected wonderful information and Dropbox has always been the blandest thing that is offered.

    We got different information when we stopped looking online.
    Also plan to build a website soon. Have there already a xxxxxx found who can do that.

    Of course it's up to you.

  • Hey ^^

    I would also like to say something else.

    You can really find a variety of information, you can also turn to companies that can advise you in this regard. So you just play it safe.

    What I can also recommend is that you should attach great importance to the security of the cloud and data.

    I also looked into the subject and found the Hamburg Pentest. Is Dr. Ewan Fleischmann - he's really got it.

    IT security is checked there, from the point of view of hackers and attackers. In this way, gaps can be identified and eliminated.

    I can recommend you too.

  • I asked myself the same question and looked for answers online myself. However, since I still didn't quite understand everything, I decided to look for an IT service provider and get advice from them.
    It is something completely different when a professional explains everything to you in detail. After the conversation, I also decided on a cloud service and I am very satisfied with it. In my opinion, every company should have one.
    VIDAR IT helped me with the whole implementation.
    Best regards,

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