Windows 10 good or bad?

  • It can actually only be about your own experiences, otherwise you would have read corresponding negative statements on the Internet or in PC magazines. Even in my circle of acquaintances, no one has had serious problems of the type described.



  • @deaf crump

    ah yes win10 users suffer from persistent problems and then the increase

    --> dramatic loss of performance with important software<-- I found it funny.

    usually the problem is 50cm in front of the screen, the hardware is often installed incorrectly,

    new hardware but the cheap power pack from the old pc was taken over.

    nvidia graphic driver completely installed including hd audio driver and then wonder

    no sound -> sound mixer reselect audio source etc.

    the classic monitor is not connected to the graphics card but to the mainboard :)

    I've been using w10 since the beta phase in 2013 or 2014, so far I haven't had any problems,

    be it on the laptop or on the gamer pc, it runs buttery smooth if i remember xp times.

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