What hosting do you have?

  • Hallo,

    I wanted to ask you which hosting provider is your website or website

    exactly hosted? I have often heard that providers from abroad are cheaper, but they are

    "dubious", can you agree?

  • I have no experience with foreign providers. In the event of contractual disputes, the place of jurisdiction will probably be in the provider's country. The storage space is also likely to be located abroad (to the best of my knowledge, it is sometimes also with German providers).

    Otherwise the question would be which criteria are decisive for you. The price, the storage volume, the number of domains, the number of mail stores and mailboxes or other characteristics. I would compare that with the providers that are interesting for you and then decide.

    I have published my homepage on Strato for over 15 years. I originally paid € 4 per month (for 20 GB of web space and mailboxes). After they had increased the fee to € 2 without asking 8 years ago, I threatened to cancel and managed to ensure that the previous fee (but without the unneeded mailboxes) would continue to apply. Otherwise I am happy with the performance. However, it is only a private page. Of course, you have to invest more for professional websites.



  • The site is quite informative. HostPress seems to be qualitatively OK. It always depends on what you need. And you can always change. For me, however, the choice would be too extensive for a private homepage. Much luck.



  • So I've been with all-incl for a few years. In the beginning I had a normal tariff and now I've switched to a server. I now have the smallest server and I am super happy with everything.

    LG Gustavo Woltmann

  • A relatively simple one without great luxury and costs is definitely enough, especially for the beginning.

    If I were you, I would pay more attention to the CMS I use to set up my website, since a later change in this area would be significantly difficult.

    I personally would WordPress or Typo3 as CMS recommend, as this is very easy to use and understand, especially for laypeople in the field.