Training as an IT specialist

  • Hey!

    can someone recommend a company that offers training as an IT specialist in user development?

    My cousin (now in 10th grade) is a little IT nerd. My aunt asked me to find out whether there are any suitable positions in the Magdeburg area. Maybe first for an internship.

    He himself doesn't feel like looking, he thinks he still has long enough timeX/

  • Hey!

    There are countless portals for job vacancies, nowadays it is no longer too difficult to find something suitable. Often, however, companies also post vacancies on their own site under the heading "Careers / Jobs".

    I know the company SelectLine (ERP Software) is based in Magdeburg and may also offer training in this area. So just see if something is currently advertised, if not, you can also send an initial application.

    But you should discuss something with him beforehand, not that you are looking for, but in the end he does not care at all .... Although the IT area is of course always in demand and future-proof.

  • Theoretically, there are a lot of training positions for IT specialists, but honestly far too few people who apply precisely for this, most of them want to do an IT degree.

    When you apply, just see what services the company offers, the fewer services, the more specialized the company is.

  • Hi :)

    Have you already found a suitable apprenticeship?

    If you look around the web, you can find a lot of job advertisements. Everyone just has to decide for themselves what they want to work on.

    I also looked around for a new job. I found various clues, including interesting job offers.

    Since I've been out for a while, I had to find out more about writing an application.

    I found out more about the CV on the page and found some really good templates.

    They also help you with writing :)

    But well, to each his own.

    You won't get me, I'm free as the wind.

  • I found my new job. Thanks very much!