Extremely long waiting times in the city?

  • Hello people,

    is it actually the case with you that you currently have extremely long waiting times in the city?

    I mean, I really only have to have one document certified and have to do it

    Wait almost 40 days until I get an appointment, that's not possible :D

  • It's the same everywhere, no matter whether it's a big city or a small town, you have to go through it, my ID has also expired and I even received a notification that I had to pay a fine, but could say because of Corona and that it was there were no appointments, etc. was dropped anyway, but didn't even know that there would be such penalties

  • Yes, unfortunately in many areas of the city there are now waiting times that are no longer justifiable.

    Something similar was the case after my water damage in the apartment, I would have had to wait what felt like an eternity.

    I then picked out this 1220 Vienna myself and forwarded the bill, which was then settled a few weeks later.

  • Nope not really, notary regulates everything within 15 minutes. I always call ahead to ask about the rights.

  • It always depends on the city and probably also on the time of year. It's taking a little longer for us right now, simply because of the cold season and the corresponding absence of staff