home theater system?

  • Hello all,

    after I bought a soundbar last year, but I just don't like it

    gives me the sound I want, I now want to buy a home theater system.

    Do you actually notice the difference between a 5.1 or a 7.1 system?

  • After a children's room (finally) became free in 2011, I installed a 65 inch television there and was also faced with the question of whether and if so which sound system would be more satisfactory. A visit to the sound studios of some department stores and information from the Internet did not convince me, especially since the room is only 20 square meters. That's a bit too small for a sound system with 6 or 8 speakers. In the end I connected the TV to the AV receiver with 2 Canon speakers and so far I am completely satisfied.

    A 7.1 system will certainly give you a better sound experience, but in my opinion buying a 5.1 or 7.1 audio system is primarily a question of space and price. Perhaps the information in the links below will help you to form your opinion. Or another user here in the forum reports about his system.





  • Not much. But it does make a little bit of difference and that often makes the difference. I now also have a home cinema system with 7.1 and projector. It's just an experience all in all