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  • I've had many watches in my life, never a really nice one (all were under $100), but I liked them and they served their purpose. On this occasion I would like some recommendations as I am really clueless on the matter. Here are my wishes/requirements:

    - The watch should be in the $500-600 range, definitely not over the $700 mark

    - I prefer "classic" styles that suit a gentleman

    - It doesn't have to be fancy like full of diamonds and other precious stones

    - It must be a quality piece that can be passed on later in life

    While I have no idea, I realize that the price range might be a bit low as it seems watches can get very expensive. But I believe that my budget should meet my needs.

    What I want from you are recommendations on brands and models. Also, what should I avoid? And don't hesitate to share your watch experiences you've had.

    thanks for looking

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  • I have a SEIKO 5 Sports GMT Batman Edition 1000 watch with a silver dial. I absolutely love it. It's a solid watch. Very heavy and good quality. You can definitely feel it on your wrist when you wear it. It holds up pretty well, about +/- 5 or so a day after a good break-in period. The only limitation is size. It's quite a large watch and in hindsight a bit too big for me (well...very big for my weak arms but I still love it) but it's still comfortable to wear. My only real gripe was that the bezel was slightly misaligned on mine, but that wasn't too much work to fix.

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