Windows Defender hangs

  • In addition to regular data backups with commercially available software, I carry out extensive virus scans with Windows Defender on a weekly basis. Since Win11, the computer regularly hangs halfway and that was it with the scan. Fast forwarding works, but it's only superficial. Does anyone have any advice for me (besides switching to merchandise)?

  • Hello, I don't use the Defender, but the aborted scans kept occurring under Windows 10. I don't know why this happens.

    A good idea is to check the hard drive or take the computer offline for a full check.

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  • I use the Defender on several computers under Windows 10 and 11 in the current versions. Sometimes together with another antivirus program. So far, quick scans as well as full scans run smoothly. However, one often reads about scan problems with the Defender on the internet. On the following page you will find several promising troubleshooting tips. Maybe someone will solve your problem.

    10 Fix: Windows Defender not scanning Windows 10/11
    Here are 10 tips to fix Windows Defender not scanning on Windows 10/11. Also learn how to use Microsoft Defender Antivirus on...



  • First of all, thanks for all the tips, I'll try them in the next few days. By the way, the problem only occurred to me after the update to Win11. Everything worked fine on Win10. Should I try pausing Bitlocker before scanning?

  • That should be one of the tips you should try. Since the cause of the problem is not known, I would try the tips one after the other and test the scan after each tip. I wish you success.



  • When the Defender error mentioned above occurs, Event Viewer both records APPCRASH in the Application log and writes it in the System log that the "Windows Defender Antivirus" service terminated unexpectedly