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    Hi :)

    Have you already found a suitable apprenticeship?

    If you look around the web, you can find a lot of job advertisements. Everyone just has to decide for themselves what they want to work on.

    I also looked around for a new job. I found various clues, including interesting job offers.

    Since I've been out for a while, I had to find out more about writing an application.

    I found out more about the CV on the page and found some really good templates.

    They also help you with writing :)

    But well, to each his own.

    Ok, so you can really find a variety of information on the subject of image films. Did you find out anything or have you looked for a provider?

    I think the idea of ​​doing advertising with an image film is great.

    Take a look at the Hamburg film production. You can order such films from them. They are really well done.

    Of course, in the end you have to decide for yourself how you want to proceed, but in my opinion the provider is great.

    I'm also streaming, I don't have many viewers yet, but that's yet to come :D

    What are you gambling?
    I like to play WoW and Dota2. I really enjoy it and also pass my time.

    I just recently bought a new cam.

    Before that, of course, I also informed myself and looked to see which camera performs best and also fits in terms of price. I looked at a Logitech Streamcam test and bought the model in the end.

    So far I'm really super satisfied.


    I'm turning to you guys because I want to know what kind of marketing you do?

    Would like to try something new in the field and hope for your tips.

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    Wanted to ask yourselves how you get on with the days?

    Very, very difficult, because I'm just not used to having so much free time! Really ... the ceiling is slowly falling on my head! I've been through everything, even bet now and then ;) But I have to say that it works out quite well! You should really try it! As far as the betting provider is concerned, bet at home is my favorite, among other things because of the bet at home betting voucher ;)

    As for the subject of Corona in general, I just hope that this will soon come to an end and that we can live "normally" again!

    And what about, did you dare to take the step?
    I have to say that there is different information that you can look for, you can also get advice if you like. So you are on the safe side :)

    For example, I also found out about good customer communication. We are currently having some problems with it.

    I found a provider who offers chatbots and live chat agencies.

    I found out more at

    about the chatbots, I've looked at a few examples and will probably choose one of them.

    LG and good luck


    once found your topic here in the forum and so far you have certainly been lucky with your app. If you ask me, I can also recommend you to get smart on the net.

    If you are interested, I can also recommend you to inform yourself about motivation, because I also had a lack of motivation in a project myself and therefore I looked for tips on how I can combat the lack of motivation.

    I have a great post at Spezialisto here the link ( found! You have other useful and interesting posts too!

    Surely you could find the right surveillance camera in the end, but if you still want to have more security in the house, I can help you too others Recommend things.

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