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    I am an owner of the HP Omen. That's enough for my purposes.

    I am currently playing Ark Survival Evovle on it. Some desktop PCs get scared while rendering. Strangely enough, I play on medium settings (shadow and AA and two other settings on low) and have 30 FPS +/- 5

    Anyway, I'm very, very, very satisfied. The design is TOP. Whereby you have to say the battery is really lukewarm. Is irrelevant for me because I am always close to a socket anyway.

    To the GPU, yes is "only" an 860m but it depends on the application.

    But most games manage to get warm (not loud!). But I made the compromise. Somewhere you have to compromise, I also had to find out. But I'm happy with the omen.

    Got it for € 1150, almost a month ago at HP there was a 15% sale and a student discount. A € 300 discount is hard to come by and hit me straight away

    Win10 Pro is better than its reputation. Even an idea better than Win10 Enterprise in companies. Know both as an admin (professionally and within the family). Yes, it is different and the link with the MS Store can be criticized. What really ruins the reputation of Win10, however, is all the filth that the manufacturers install as test and other junk versions.

    At the moment, everything revolves around locating a new liability insurance policy, as I checked all my policies as part of an insurance change and inquired about better service offers. In the meantime, I am orienting myself towards a liability insurance with a test here and I think I will soon have found my new private insurance cover. I've already spent half the day looking at the services of different insurers and comparing them. Now I'm back in the picture and have reference values ​​to finally decide on a new tariff.

    Coming from Windows, I would switch to Linux Mint first, as it makes the "transition" the easiest. First gain a foothold in the Linux world with Mint and then move on to other distributions if necessary, time and inclination.

    Linux Mint 19.1 was optically based on Windows 10, so that you will find your way around here quickly. The hardware detection is very good, so that everything will probably work right from the start.

    I don't think much of recommending Debian SID or Slackware or Gentoo to newbies, as this requires a certain amount of knowledge or time in case of problems. These are not aimed at beginners or beginners, Mint already has all the advantages and disadvantages (such as proprietary software or drivers are included).

    For me the box has to run and the work computer shouldn't be a playground. When I want to tinker, I do it in a VM or on a separate box. Therefore, the topic starter as a switch will do very well with Linux Mint 19.1.