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    Hi max5001,

    I am and will remain a proud advocate of Android. Since I almost had a nervous breakdown thanks to iTunes and the display splintered after a short time, I simply couldn't and didn't want to support Apple anymore. All the functions that an Apple phone has, an Android phone has, if not better. Huawei phones also boast a wide range of photography functions and at half the price from Apple, which will probably soon want to sell exclusively charging cables in addition to headphones in order to increase their profit.


    Hi all,

    when I'm on Youtube or the like, I sometimes miss the smiley function when writing. All you have to do is use the key combination [Windows] + [.] (Period), and a window with the familiar emojis will appear.


    Hi all!

    In a travel agency you simply get the best offers. My girlfriend and I stayed in a four star hotel in Greece in Ouranoupoli for 500 euros. It was very nice but a bit quiet for our taste.

    Bodrum, Turkey also has very nice hotels and activities.



    So on my last mobile phone (Huawei) the case also protected the display (…_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) but on my current mobile phone (Samsung) I couldn't find a case that protects the display. As a clumsy man, I would even need a protective armor foil and even bought one, but these are easy for me way too fat and with a case, the cell phone is simply twice as thick, so just pay attention to it.


    Hi all!

    I have very sensitive ears and I don't particularly like most of the in-ear headphones. But the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo Bluetooth headphones have no disconnections, sit perfectly and do not interfere. They have an incredibly long battery life, so you don't have to constantly recharge. Absolute buy recommendation.


    Hi all,

    Personally, I think schools should create much more targeted, far-reaching opportunities for experience. Many young adults go out into the world absolutely haphazardly after graduation. My suggestion would be to do a week-long internship in a wide variety of companies for a whole school year, to dive into the world of work.

    This would make the economy a lot easier, as there would not be so many course changers, dropouts, etc., because they would then know what they were enjoying.


    Hi everyone!

    I think card games are great! However, it's not as fun online as playing with someone in person. My favorites are also Skat, Schafskopf, Uno Flip (Uno with twist), and for advanced players, of course, poker, you can play this without spending money and simply with chips and it's still fun, poker cases are available from 40 euros. However, in the absence of players, online poker is also quite fun.


    Hi Kranzimerry!

    I already had a cross trainer, a treadmill and a recumbent bike to take home. I have to admit the treadmill is the most beautiful!

    The cross trainer wasn't bad either, but I didn't really have the feeling that it was any good. I worked up a sweat on the treadmill. On the bike too, but I found it uncomfortable.

    The most important tip in sport for me is that you have fun doing it, otherwise you won't stick with it.

    Cool dance workouts on YouTube can lift your spirits while burning calories!

    Have fun doing sports!

    Hi all,

    Since the lockdown, I've become a little addicted to online shopping ^^. Here is a small list of a few things I've gotten lately:

    • Pocket mirror with light: Perfect for plucking unwanted hair (on Amazon, for 9 euros)
    • Gobble's Sticky Balls: the perfect toy for boredom in between. I put a separate field on my wall with masking tape with different points. The balls stick to the wall. (Amazon, 10 euros)
    • 2m Charging cables with angled plug: I hate being too restricted and these long charging cables are perfect for that. The angled plug ensures that the cable does not kink when it is placed and forms the usual tear point. (Amazon, 11 euros)
    • Shoe covers Disposable non-slip: These covers are perfect for a shoe-free household for short guest visits. (Amazon, 6 euros)

    Have fun shopping!

    Hi all!

    It always seems to get worse instead of better .. But it has its advantages too! More time to do sports, various workouts on YouTube! More time for different hobbies, i.e. cooking, handicrafts, painting, handicrafts, etc.

    I also gave my sister an adventure book for her birthday with funny tasks like taking a Polaroid picture. That's really fun! But it's a bit expensive because it comes from the USA.

    The possibilities are actually endless. If you manage your time well, you can meet your obligations and discover new things.

    Personally, I discovered embroidery for myself, new Zumba videos on YouTube, and the biggest time waster for young people - TikTok. As a series / film junkie, I've discovered new things for myself! I can only recommend Sonic (on Amazon Prime), Animes (Toradora, HunterXHunter, Haikyu, SevenDeadlySins, PetGirl, Your Name on Netflix), the Ladies Gambit (series on Netflix), Sex Education (series on Netflix).

    I wish you relaxing days!

    It definitely takes getting used to. I got to know WordPress during my internship at Digital Minds.

    It is definitely easier first in e.g. B. Google Doc to do the little preparatory work. But when copying and pasting you should make sure that you do this without formatting, otherwise you will get an error message when publishing.

    Small gadgets are important, meaning shortcodes for lists, tables, etc. Here, for example, one for a table

    Table shortcode:

    [tablex] [th] type; Simplicity of cleaning [/ th]


    Dry toilet; Very easy

    [/ tr] [tr]

    Chemical toilet; Simple

    [/ tr]

    [/ tablex]

    You can look for such shortcodes on the Internet and then use them in your Wordpress article.

    There are also tutorials on Youtube that can help you get started:

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    I wish you good luck and good luck!