Do you have experience with online casinos?

  • Hi everybody,

    I've somehow felt more and more interested in gambling lately.
    It's not like that until the outcry gets big that I'm addicted. I have
    I have a good overview of my finances and I know when and how much I am
    can allow in this regard. I'm also very disciplined in that regard.
    But now I didn't want to run into the casino for a small amount every time
    (I never play large amounts anyway) and that's why I'm looking for the online
    Variant. Do you have experience with it and can you give me a few tips?

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  • Hey, I'm not an expert in this field but I play every now and then.
    See it like you do. When you can control yourself and not your last shirt
    playful, nothing speaks against it. It's fun somewhere and this little one
    Tickling is a good change from everyday life.

    I prefer to play Novoline games, if you look around you will notice
    that the selection is huge:
    So you won't get bored because you always find something else.

    Just try out several games, sometimes with and without free spins.
    Some like one variant more, others just like the other.
    If you ask me, I tend to play games with free spins. The profits up
    when the free spins are received are limited, but when then the appropriate ones
    Symbols come, one is quick in larger amounts.

  • I've tried a few games now, the ones with free spins are also more fun for me.
    In some cases I can't quite see through because I don't know the symbols yet, but
    that will certainly still be. Thank you ;)

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  • I don't think you can be an expert on this, after all, it is called gambling for a good reason :). However, you should be careful which online casino you choose. Many are dubious and withdrawals can quickly become a nightmare. I'm with Mr. Green and I haven't had anything to complain about, I have to say. Until something changes, I'll stay true to it. Here is a review of Mr. Green - Mr. Green review: fraud or serious? »To the test (January 2017)
    Greetings and good luck :)

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  • I know free spins are helpful on slot games, but what about people who don't play slots. For me, I prefer poker or card games. It's been one of my favorite things to do since I was a kid and I'm decent at it. That's why I advise people to take advantage of the cash bonuses as well. Little did I know the Wildz bonuses are now up to $ 500 until I reported on casino online saw. Just because a casino doesn't offer a cash bonus now doesn't mean they won't in the future.

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  • Hi again, I don't understand why I have to post 100 times when I want to say something and see a thread where I can help dialogue!

    I am a human being, by the way.

    It's a discussion of slot machines, and casinos, and not something else, and the manner of leisure, if someone would read my posts more clearly michael. I would probably have seen that I work as a game designer, and like working with casino design - this is my challenge, and when I do my job, it doesn't mean that it can be removed and a man's contribution which can be left longer on the forum.

    My previous post was about the fact that I am offering a portal Gaming Club Casino - which simply shows that Level of the casino that simply shows statistics where there are no scams, it is really a useful service, it is not for sale, I use it, I use it

    Please, I want to keep talking to people about this topic, admins, watch out, it's just site monitoring!

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