Spielotheken-which ones are good?

  • Hi all,

    I wanted to see if someone in the forum passes their time with slot machines? Now and then I gamble with low stakes, but not online so far. But I would like to try it now and have already looked at and compared a few game libraries in the test.

    Mr Green was rated very well, for example, and it also has very good bonuses on offer. Is any of you registered with it, would you recommend it? I would be very happy to receive information

    Greetings and all the best

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  • You can play a lot of games online for free, I'd just google that.

    True, but somehow it's not the same with such games if you don't gamble for real money :). I've been playing Book of Ra for a while and have already cleared off really big 3 times. If you are a little lucky and know what you are doing, you can make very big profits

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  • Hello

    Did you make up your mind?
    I have to say that you can really find different information. You just have to decide and see what suits you best and what doesn't.

    In my case, I found various pieces of information and also found game sites.

    I proceed in such a way that I usually look for the best and most serious sites and always find what I am looking for.

    The other day I read a lot about sports betting at wett-voucher.com/freebets, and I also found free bets.

    What was with you

  • Yes, you can definitely recommend it ...

    I played a lot in the past, but less recently! I don't find the time and somehow I like betting a lot more! I'm much more lucky with betting than with casino games ...

    Usually bet with Tipico, for many reasons and one of them is also this one here tipi-tipps.com/tipico-bonus! I am actually a big football fan too, always ... So I have recently been able to combine pleasure with usefulness.

    Had some really great wins lately!

    As far as I am concerned, it can go on like this!

  • Yes, you can play one or the other time in an online casino, why not, there are also a lot of casinos, but just make sure that you can deposit and withdraw securely, look around for PayPal casinos to get there.

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  • Hello Mateo,

    So if you would like to play something, but don't take any risks, then I can recommend you to take part in competitions like me. It's easy too. I take part in all kinds of competitions that are offered by companies etc. You just have to know where to look. Fortunately, a while ago I discovered a great page that lists where gewinnspieletipps.de/tag/serioese-gewinnspiele/ can be found, you can just click through it. There are many great providers and you can then simply choose which one you want to participate in. There is sure to be something for you too. Much luck!

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  • Hello people,

    who of you can tell me which of you played in an online casino and really won something?

    I won something in the casino a few years ago and wanted to play in an online casino too. I also see more and more advertisements for online casinos on the net. Someone recommended this site to me on allecasinos.com

    There is a list of casinos from PayPal Casinos, where you can deposit very securely.

  • I can only agree with Thorsten, I have his source used and was very satisfied

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  • I think you shouldn't go to the game library or the casino anymore

    Now everything is online where everyone can play and have a good time online and win the same real money

    Here mr bet verification passes quickly and you can play right away

    Do you have reviews of this website?

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  • WildZ is a really good site. As soon as the verification is done, the payout also works without any problems. When you venture out, you will also be shown exactly what you still have to do.

    H Meier

  • I once won around 300 euros in an online casino at b-win, everything was easy and the payout was not a problem

  • Well, if he just wanted to pull something random off the internet, he'd just google new casinos, right? If he asked for an opinion in a forum, it was because he wanted more specific information, I think ...
    Unfortunately, I can't give you any advice because I don't play these type of games, but it seems like a good idea to ask on the forums how you've done before. You are sure to find something interesting. Good research and have fun!

  • I can recommend the casinos without a German license to you. Because you definitely have more of here. Since the regulatory measures do not work, you can play without limits.

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  • Hello! I also gamble with low stakes in order to drive away the winter blues, to win money and also because it gives me pleasure in a time when almost nothing pleases me. I don't know how you are doing with the current situation, but it's not that easy to be in quarantine with roommates. The first thing I do after this crisis is look for a job and rent my own apartment. When I gamble on w88, I always hope that some money will come out of it so that I can save. Then I could also pay these high deposits here in Munich. Why you turn students on such high rental prices is a mystery to me. They should actually know that we are not getting any help at the moment and the student loan was not even enough for half an apartment before the pandemic.

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