Windows 10 good or bad?

  • Hey gays
    I once saw your opinion on Windows 10. Is this Windows good or bad for you?

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  • I have been using Windows 10 for over a year and have no more or less problems with this operating system. Since the switch from Win 8.1 was free of charge and a system that is always up-to-date is also advantageous in terms of security, I would repeat the switch at any time. In the meantime, I've also got used to the start menu.


  • I think everyone has to have their own experiences. I also recently made Win 10 on it and I have to say that I have had really good experiences so far.

    In addition, I always look around the web when I don't know what to do next. I recently took a screenshot and didn't know where it went :D Then just have it on the web…-screenshots-gespeichert/ I looked for my information and was good. I think Win 10 is really the best so far, I can't complain.

    And if you have problems or don't know what to do next, you can quickly look for help on the web :)

    But as I said, in the end everyone has to look for themselves.

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  • Win10 Pro is better than its reputation. Even an idea better than Win10 Enterprise in companies. Know both as an admin (professionally and within the family). Yes, it is different and the link with the MS Store can be criticized. What really ruins the reputation of Win10, however, is all the filth that the manufacturers install as test and other junk versions.

  • From my own experience I can answer yes and no. I bought my first online license about 3 years ago for € 10. Downloading, installing and entering the purchased product key worked without any problems. However, after a new installation last year, the purchased key was no longer accepted. The Microsoft hotline said by phone that the license had expired. Then I have another license for about 30, - at bought. So far there have been no problems. However, I haven't reinstalled it yet.

    There are various problem descriptions online with very inexpensive licenses. Maybe it should be kept away from it. Lizengo is often recommended for this. 30, - 40 e for such a license still mean enormous savings compared to the official Windows licenses.



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  • Windows 10 users suffer from persistent problems with Windows 10 updates such as systems freezing, refusing to install when USB drives are present, and even dramatic slowdowns in the performance of critical software. Hence, it should perhaps come as no surprise that there are large numbers of users who refuse to move from Windows 7 to the flagship Microsoft operating system.

  • Nevertheless, Windows 10 is - at least for me - the more powerful and safer operating system. However, I only install Windows updates after a few days if no problems have been reported in the network. The problem with the USB drives only seems to lead to the installation being refused on some computers. This could be avoided - if one is concerned - by removing the USB drives during the installation. And the mentioned performance losses seem to be a thing of the past. At least I haven't read about it for a long time.

    Sure - Windows 10 isn't perfect. But compared to Windows 7, I would choose the current system again. Since Microsoft has announced that it will keep Windows 7 alive for the time being with further security updates, there is currently nothing for nostalgics against continuing to use a beloved Win 7.



  • Will the Windows 10 update change how users sign in?

    Having encountered such a problem, after upgrading, I cannot access the computer using the login password and then can only get the help of the password reset disk.

    is that normal? Or am I doing something wrong?

  • Lerider you have not described whether it is an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, a Windows 10 function upgrade or a "normal" update that causes the problem. So far, I have not had the problem you described with any of the above updates. If you search the net, you will come across a variety of possible causes. So here are a few links. Maybe there is a solution for you.…dung-beim-konto-moeglich/…lich-was-tun-4258019.html…96-4d15-b9b6-dbd223e5887b…scheint-nicht-mehr.17339/



  • You can try methods 3 and 4 for the first link. Unfortunately, you did not tell us whether it was a local or an (online) Microsoft account. Alternatively, here are also tips from Microsoft for recovery:…84-37cc-86eb-6e9b0542b5ba…42-c1a3-fe72-b04d60556c37

    If you created a restore point before installing the update, you can also try to restore it to its original state. There is also a description from Microsoft. Although this is described for Windows 7, it also works in the same way for Windows 10. I would try that first.



  • So I am completely satisfied with Windows 10. Of course it has a few problems here and there, but that's technology. Especially when you compare it to the previous version, Win 10 is significantly better. So I can only recommend it to you.