Windows 7: Erase data completely with Eraser

The Free Program Eraser helps you data from one hard disk,win7 logo one USB-Stick or others storage media complete zu destroy. After formatting a hard drive or a normal deletion of a file, it is easy to restore all data with small tools. If you now consider that from a discarded computer or a discarded storage medium personal data, passwords etc. reproducible you can start pondering. Remedy should now the Freeware Eraser create with that too regular Processes let plan.

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For one smooth expiration after installation, that should Program first set up will. An English-language user interface is often daunting, but the one used here is real just zu bedienen.

After one restart, the icon of Eraser in the System tray Pop up. About a right-click > Eraser öffnen the program can also be opened right away.

1_System Try


1. Regular deletion of folder contents

At first there is not much to see, not yet Task was established. Over a right-click > New Task this can be changed quickly.


Now it can be realized, for example Content of a certain Folder regularly Automatically zu delete. Practically, this could include some folder of Internet-Browsers .

Attention: You should know that Eraser will permanently delete the selected files without prompting you.


Here can be the first for the automatic Deletion process for a better one Overview a Name be awarded. Since in this example the deletion process regularly should be carried out one chooses recurring. Via the button below Add Date can then go to what you want Path navigated .


In addition to the Wahl of Path will continue to work for that Gutmann (35 passes) method decided. This method is the safest because there are 35 overwrite passes. To do this, by marking Files in folder and deselecting Delete folder if empty made further settings. Finally with OK to confirm.


To the Task Now to finish, one has to look for one passendes interval to be decided. Here it should täglich um 16 p.m. .


Would you like to be in In hindsight or amendments this is done via a right-click on the respective task and the selection Edit Task is possible.


2. Delete files once via the context menu

Separate Files can also be done directly via the context menu (right-click) to be deleted.


You then get one Info message indicated that a new Task added wurde. Opens one then that Program, you can Deletion process follow if you want.



Download from ERASER


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