System tools and applications for maintenance,
Tuning and control of the operating system.

7 + Taskbar Tweaker

7plus Taskbar Tweaker

7 + Taskbar Tweaker enables extensive configuration of the Windows taskbar.
The Tweaker is designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and is in German.

Log Windows startup and shutdown

When the computer is lame or you just want to make the computer faster. At the beginning there is an analysis of the system. Microsoft provides the Windows Performance Recorder in German "Windows performance recording" to disposal. The creates detailed logs of Windows startup and shutdown.

Disable capslock

registry icon

We have all experienced it before, you type in front of yourself and don't look at the monitor the whole time and the next time you look it brings a flush of anger to your face, ALL CAPITAL!
Deactivate with the capslock_disabled.reg the capslock key.

Disable Windows 8 Metro with Skip Metro Suite

Logo Skip Metro SuiteMany Windows users judge the Metro view as unnecessary for the desktop computer. So many are looking for a good solution. There is a good tool Deactivate Metro with the Classics Start Menu, but anyone looking for a smart solution without many setting options and still using a lot of the operating system itself is well served with Skip Metro Suite. Unfortunately, Windows 8 does not offer the function of deactivating the metro view (tiles), so you are forced to rely on third-party providers.