System tools and applications for maintenance,
Tuning and control of the operating system.

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We have all experienced it before, you type in front of yourself and don't look at the monitor the whole time and the next time you look it brings a flush of anger to your face, ALL CAPITAL!
Deactivate with the capslock_disabled.reg the capslock key.

Windows 8 is programmed for a desktop computer as well as for tablet devices. That doesn't necessarily make working with Windows 8 any faster or more instinctive. What Windows 8 lacks is a start menu, which can be easily upgraded with Classics Shell.

win-8 manualThe Windows 8 and Windows RT Product Guide provides an insight into many of the new and improved features in Windows 8 and Windows RT.
Windows 8 Upgrade WizardThe "Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant" checks the system for compatibility problems with Windows 8 and installs the new operating system.

keyrocket KeyRocket helps you learn and work with keyboard shortcuts.
It informs in Windows Explorer and Office whether the action that you have just performed with the mouse can also be performed with the keyboard.

The free partitioning program makes partitioning easy. Partition Wizard Home Edition also offers many useful functions on the subject of partitions in the free version.

Would you like to test some of the functions of the upcoming Windows 8? Quite simply with the Windows 8 simulator. The installation is done in a few clicks. There are no complicated questions! Simply follow the installation instructions and you're done.

Who does not know this problem? After starting the new notebook or PC and discovering countless demo and test programs. PC Decrapifier is a better choice than reinstalling the operating system in terms of the time it takes.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 the complete package for computer optimization brings more performance for Windows, games and programs. And with over 30 easy-to-use tuning tools, it helps you to easily solve many PC problems yourself.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is an update for home users and IT professionals that helps ensure that your PCs are at the latest level of support.

Clearly lists all processes, dlls or loaded files according to priority and enables them to be terminated.

retrofits a function under Windows 7 that is called Exposé under Mac OS X. With a certain key combination, all open windows are displayed next to one another.

The configuration tool can be used to optimally configure services for Windows 7 and Vista. In addition, the tool offers some useful functions that Windows 7 or Vista do not offer by default.

Freeware, Windows 7 compatible, up to 4GB Ramdisk, if required for a small fee up to 64GB and even better, the possibly unused memory with 32 Bit Windows, which exceeds the 4GB limit, can be used as Ramdisk!

can authorize files locked by the system for deletion.

The free system tool Autoruns from Mirosoft offers the possibility to control the autostart of Windows more clearly and better.

is a free tool to keep the registry clean. The tool can track down and remove unnecessary entries.

can view, backup, print, and restore all installed drivers on the system.

The very popular free program CCleaner optimizes and cleans the Windows system quickly and reliably with just a few clicks.

Touchpad Blocker prevents accidental contact with the touchpad while texting 


HWiNFO32 enables a quick and precise overview of all hardware installed in a computer

also enables Windows users to work on a variety of virtual screens.


In contrast to the Microsoft driver, the AR ramdisk driver also allows the use of a ram drive with more than 31 MB.

Wise Registry Cleaner Free cleans up the registry quickly and easily. With the internal Scheduled, the registry remains tidy for the future.

AquaSnap offers Aero functions for older Windows versions and a comfortable menu, which is not available in Windows 7.