Visual Task Tips the Aero Peek of Windows XP

Review If you would like to have a preview window of open programs, as in Windows 7, Visual Task Tips is a very good alternative. Visual Task is programmed for Windows XP and Vista.


preview window

As you can see on the screenshot, the program creates preview windows of open programs. The program is stable and comes with convenient setting options.

With a double click on the small symbol Visual Task Tips - Tray the following window opens with settings for Visual Task Tips.

Settings Visual Task Tips


With "Thumbnail size”You can adjust the size of the preview window.

With "Popup delay ” adjust the speed of how quickly the preview window appears.

With "Refresh rate”You set the update of the preview window.


Since the application is offered free of charge, you can support the developers by registering.

Visual Task Tips 3.4 

Under the register About all essential information is summarized.

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The program can be downloaded from with HighSpeed.

Download Visual Task Tips 3.4


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